The idea of love

I remember the scene as if it was yesterday. We were in philosophy class at the lycée and the topic of the day was, how to define an art work and against what criteria ? As suggestions were being made, regarding the purpose of art and the message of the artist in society, a voice said : and how about love being a piece of art ? We all turned to the girl who emitted such a funny but bright idea. We chuckled. The teacher smiled and dismissed the idea as not being really tangible. But the girl insisted, saying that a beautiful poignant love story could stir the same emotion as a painting or a movie.

Je me souviens de cette scène comme si c'était hier. Nous étions en cours de philo en classe de terminale et le thème du jour était, comment définir une oeuvre d'art et en fonction de quels critères ? Alors que des suggestions fusaient sur la mission de l'artiste dans la société et le but de l'art, quelqu'un dit : l'amour aussi est une forme d'art. On s'est tous tournés en riant vers celle qui venait d'émettre cette opinion plutôt cocasse mais sympathique. La prof souriait mais a objecté que l'idée n'était pas vraiment tangible. Mais notre camarade insistait en disant qu'une belle histoire d'amour pouvait être aussi émouvante qu'un tableau ou un film.

Many years later, I still remember the enthusiasm of this girl claiming that love had its rights to be elevated as some sort of art. Because I am an helpless romantic, the idea made me smile until today. After all, it does take some art to make love bloom and keep it blooming.

Des années plus tard, je me souviens toujours de l'enthousiasme de cette jeune fille déclarant que l'amour devait être considéré comme une forme d'art. Comme je suis une impossible romantique, l'idée me fait sourire encore aujourd'hui. Après tout, l'amour lui-même demande un certain art pour s'épanouir et rester dans la fraîcheur.

So, in remembrance of this fond memory, I will celebrate Valentine with smiles, kisses and cakes and the Mediterranean sky....

Alors en souvenir de ce moment, je fêterai la St Valentin avec des baisers et des sourires , des douceurs sucrées et le ciel méditerranéen....

And just for now, I want to share with you some pastel delight from Carolyn Quartermaine's book Unwrapped which I received yesterday.....Loooove it !

Have a sweet week end and Happy Valentine to you !

Mais pour le moment, je veux partager avec vous un peu de douceur pastel du livre Unwrapped de Carolyn Quartermaine que j'ai reçu hier......J'adoooore !

Passez un beau week end et bonne St Valentin !

pics from Carolyn Quartermaine's book Unwrapped


What a lovely subject and most gorgeous post Lala! Will look forward to tghis book and I love the title. Happy weekend, hope it is most romantic. XO
What a beautiful thought... so glad that she persisted in her definition! Lovely photos and I hope that you have a bonne St Valentin

pretty story and fabulous pics. Valentine must be lived for those that believe in romantic love. I´m not romantic at all but I love!
studioJudith said…
Glorious (and ever so romantic ) images to roll us all into Valentine's Day !
The Quartermaine book sounds perfect -
I must look for it -

Susana said…
What a concept! I love it... and it is true, falling in love and enjoying every day with passion is a form of art. Happy Valentine's... from a woman in love to another!
aguja said…
Beautiful post and beautiful thoughts together with such strong but delicate photographs; as love is.

My husband is buying me a bodhran (Irish drum) so that I can accompany his guitar ... I am so excited and this sharing is a perfect musical Valentine for us to share.

Enjoy your day and may it be perfect, too.
Joyful said…
Beautiful post Lala and an awesome concept ;-) Happy Valentine's Day to you my friend. xx
Lulú said…
Felicidades, amiga! Love is art, yes!!!
One of my favorite books! It makes one so happy. What a perfect weekend to curl up with all that colorful beauty...and Moncheri, too.
Catherine xx
Colleen said…
Beautiful, dreamlike pictures! I agree with the girl although I have never thought of love quite like that before! It does take creativity to keep it alive in ourselves and others. Thank you for this lovely post!
Yoli said…
Lalita, I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and I agree with that girl, that love is art.
Beautiful post, love it... xo

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