When a little girl gives you a nice drawing....

.....do you throw it ?, do you keep it ?
well, I've kept this cute drawing an adorable little girl gave me
around Christmas. I was having coffee with Monchéri and a friend
in a bar in the Alpujarras mountains and a little girl was
playing on her own, her parents being seated two tables away.
She was very pretty, looked like a little fairy
and was very talkative too. She came to us and gave us
a sketch with our name on it. I've kept mine and
it inspired me to make myself these two rings
with an old mother-of-pearl button and pearls from
a broken necklace. So I can remember this lovely fairy...

I've just added this pic today...thought you might want to see them on my fingers...
gosh, I never thought it was so difficult to take a pic of one's hand !
I'm left-handed and a bit clumsy at times.

J'ai gardé le dessin qu'une adorable petite fille
m'a donné, aux alentours de Noël. On prenait
un café avec un copain dans un bar à la montagne.
Une petite fille jouait toute seule à une table, ses parents
étaient assis deux tables plus loin.
Elle était très mignonne, une petite fée en somme,
et très aussi très bavarde. Elle nous a donné à chacun
un dessin avec notre nom dessus.
J'ai gardé le mien et me suis fait deux bagues
avec un vieux bouton en nacre et des perles
d'un collier cassé. Comme ça, je n'oublie pas cette petite fée....

ps : and yes I am now on Facebook ! I'm not good with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and so on, but I've decided to give it a try so please join me !

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Spangle said…
Aww how sweet!
LuCía said…
I've just found this blog, and I have to say it's really interesting. This entry is adorable.

So you came to Granada from France, didn't you? I'd love to visit Paris, but I don't think my French skills allowed me to. I'd make use of my English, most likely.
I'm so glad you enjoy this city. It's truly full of 'charme'!
Agus said…
Muy bello...
Don said…
One thing leads to another!
Sara said…
The rings are gorgeous, and look wonderful on your hand. Excellent job taking a photo of one hand with the other, especially as you are left handed! Love the way those rings glow in the light. And what a sweet memory to keep in that drawing by your own special fairy princess.
Looks like the little girl will grow up to be as creative as you! :-)
Mélanie A. said…
quoique tu te touches , tu le transformes en merveille

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