Picnic by the country road

My favorite country road is the old road which takes you to the coast,
starting from Suspiro del Moro, near Granada.
Barely no ones takes it,
as it's a very winding road.
But from time to time, we enjoy a walk in the countryside,
amidst the fragrant pine trees and wild thyme.

Ma route préférée est la vieille route qui va jusqu'à la côte
depuis le Suspiro del Moro, près de Grenade.
Presque personne n'emprunte cette route
car elle est très sinueuse.
De temps en temps, nous aimons nous balader dans la campagne,
pour respirer le parfum des pins et du thym sauvage.

So yesterday, we packed an old blanket and some sweet treats in the car
and off we went for a sunny picnic in the countryside.
It was so lovely just to be there, nearly in total silence
when suddenly, we heard the faint tinkling of a bell
and we were soon joined by a peaceful flock of goats and sheep,
followed by their shepherd. I asked him where they were going.
He said nothing and just pointed his stick forwards.

Donc hier, on a fourré une vieille couverture et des douceurs dans la voiture
et sommes partis pique-niquer dans la campagne, au soleil.
C'était si bon d'être là, presque dans un silence total.
Et puis, soudain le tintement frêle d'une clochette s'est fait entendre,
et nous voilà rejoints en quelques minutes par un troupeau paisible
de chèvres et de moutons, suivis de leur berger.
Je lui ai demandé où est-ce qu'ils allaient.
Il n'a pas dit un mot et a juste pointé son bâton en avant.

I stood there, watching the goats for a while until they were gone.
What a beautiful spectacle, it is...
I don't know why it makes so happy and feel so so good.
May be, it's because they make me feel closer to nature,
and reassure me that pastoral life has not come to its end yet.

Je les ai regardées pendant longtemps jusqu'à ce qu'elles soient parties.
Quel spectacle magnifique...
Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais c'est vraiment un moment de pur bonheur.
Sans doute parce que je me sens plus proche de la nature et aussi
rassurée que la vie pastorale n'a pas tout à fait disparu.

We stayed until late afternoon,
enjoying our orange cake,
talking about everything and nothing,
and both starting a new book...
Very much like my idea of romantic happiness !

Nous sommes restés tard jusque dans l'après-midi,
à savourer notre gâteau à l'orange,
à parler de tout et de rien,
puis on s'est mis à lire, chacun notre nouveau bouquin...
Tout à fait l'idée que je me fais du bonheur romantique !

pics : me


what a lovely day you had!
Patricia said…
In love with love, in love with the earth. Such a perfect day!
Thank you for sharing your idyllic picnic adventure with us. Being out in nature, whether it is quiet, or whether a flock of goats and sheep happen by, is always restorative for the soul I think. And...those sweet treats or yours, are they small versions of your special orange cake? They look like they could be.
Gina said…
Dear Lala, that first picture of the goats and sheep with the sun filtering through the trees is pretty spectacular. We love picnics wherever we are...at home or traveling.
Susana said…
qué día tan perfecto y romántico!!!
Elisa said…
I agree with you, there is something magical seeing the herd of sheep. A reminder that life is good on the slow lane.
What delicious little treats you had.

(I've been away from blogging so I have some catching up to do on your blog)
renilde said…
That's the good life Lala, enjoy! x
Joyful said…
sounds like you had a lovely peaceful day xx
Mélanie A. said…
J'adore ces moments de farniente
aguja said…
I love picnics and adore goats, so I enjoyed your post to the full - a delightful day! The photos and your words create the mood beautifully.
christina said…
such a beautiful day, my friend.
Italo said…
CIao Lala! Too much time that I'm not in blogspot. I'm glad that your posts are still interesting and your photos so beautiful! ciao.

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