Pastoral mood again.....

My dear readers, I assure you my blog is not turning sheep-obsessed.
You see, perhaps, these last days, it had been my whim and pleasure to be
in a pastoral mood.
Truth is, I just have to drive to the next village, Nigüelas and just
bump into this...
And doesn't it look much better than a car traffic ?

Je tiens à rassurer mes chers lecteurs que non,
mon blog ne vire pas à l'obsession moutonnière.
Mais c'est vrai, ces derniers jours, j'avais comme
une envie forte d'ambiance pastorale.
En fait, je n'ai qu'à prendre la voiture et rouler
jusqu'au prochain village, Nigüelas pour tomber
nez à nez avec ces charmantes créatures
Et puis, c'est quand même plus beau à voir
qu'un embouteillage de voitures....

pics : me


Mystical said…
Sheep! :D They're so cute.
ceecee said…
Dear Lala -
Have just caught up with you. Oh the Easter lunch, oh the tree, oh the cats and the sheep and the little cakes! Do you live somewhere over the rainbow?

I did it - Twitter. Yes, really. We shall see. Sure you don't want to change your mind? Tee hee.

Catherine xx
Elisa said…
I prefer sheep traffic versus car traffic!

Have a wonderful day!
Yoli said…
Lalita que bellas imagenes!!!
Joyful said…
Yes, it does look so much better than traffic ;-) Happy week ahead to you Lala! xx
Living where I live, I can tell you that the sheep do indeed look a lot better than traffic ;-) They're such great pictures. Love from London xo
Vær våken said…
I love these sheep photos. LOVE!


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