Sunday morning in Granada.....

some do cycling

il y a ceux qui font du vélo ou de la patinette

some do jogging

il y a ceux qui font du jogging

some are busy working

il y a ceux qui travaillent

to entertain others

pour le loisir des autres

while others listen to the sunday brass orchestra

et puis il y a ceux qui écoutent sagement la fanfare

And me, I'm now back at home
happy to have spent a sunny morning
as the clouds are suddenly gathering

Wishing you a beautiful sunday...

Et moi, je suis maintenant de retour à la maison
contente d'avoir passé la matinée au soleil
car les nuages s'amoncellent

Un beau dimanche à vous...

pics : me,
this morning, Paseo de Violon, Granada


Gina said…
Dear Lala, Fun Sunday morning pictures. Wish we had a Sunday brass band.
Oh, what a wonderful Sunday stroll you have given us... I would love to have enjoyed sitting in front of those tall arched windows enjoying a coffee or small meal!

Joyful said…
Nice to hear you enjoyed the day.
Linda Sue said…
What a lovely place- sunshine and light- it looks warm- we are still in winter here.
Theresa Cheek said…
We had beautiful weather here also...but I can't compete with your ambience!
Agus said…
Todos los días son maravillosos en Granada....
Gracias por el paseo!!
These even look like Sunday - might sound funny, but I think you know what I mean. Lovely pics. Love from London xo

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