Little kids paradise

I was having a long lunch today at my friends Pilar and Dave
and while the grown ups were raving about Dave's superb food,
the little ones quickly drank their gazpacho and resumed
their games of warriors and adventurers....
ah... to be a kid again and be the king of this cute tree cabin !

Aujourd'hui j'ai déjeuné chez mes amis Pilar et Dave
et pendant que les adultes s'extasiaient sur les talents culinaires de Dave,
les petits ont avalé vite fait leur gazpacho et ont repris
leurs jeux de guerriers et d'aventuriers....
ah...être à nouveau un gosse et faire sa loi dans cette cabine dans les arbres !

pics : me


aguja said…
I often do become a child again - with my grandson - as we traverse the garden on various adventures ... and it is fun!

The children are have a great time. Thank you for your post.
I agree with you! What a marvelous tree house...and I could not help noticing it is in a loquat tree! Such yummy fruits within easy reach too. They can be candied and enjoyed later in the year when summer is long gone too..
Elisa said…
awww how fun. I like the yellow plates!...
and look at that spectacular view of the yard and the mountains.
有力 said…
The only thing I want to do is play and eat those delicious olives!
That would be so much fun - to climb up that tree, spend time there with a book or relaxing. Maybe take the food from that gorgeous-looking table with me ;-) Wishing you a lovely weekend xo

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