Monchéri's garden makes me feel romantic

"Oh you must see how fast the pumpkins are growing !"
Monchéri told me the other day, so this morning I grabbed my camera
and we both went to his vegetable garden where the Andalusian sun
makes everything grow incredibly quickly.
I'm not much of a gardener but it's such an inspiration for me.
Monchéri picked a few green peppers to grill for lunch,
we said hello to all the vegetables and then
sat down under the fig tree on a tree bench.
Not very cozy but so romantic !

"Tu dois voir à quelle allure poussent les citrouilles !"
me disait Monchéri l'autre jour. Alors, ce matin,
j'ai pris mon appareil photo et hop direction le potager
de Monchéri où tout pousse incroyablement vite sous
le soleil andalou. Je n'ai pas du tout la main verte mais
je dois dire que toute cette verdure m'inspire énormément.
Monchéri a cueilli quelques poivrons verts à griller pour le déjeuner.
Nous avons salué tous les légumes et nous sommes mis au frais,
à l'ombre du figuier sur un tronc d'arbre transformé en banc.
Pas le super confort mais si romantique !

see the baby pumpkin ?
et voilà le bébé citrouille

Today, I even get roses from my beloved gardener....
Aujourd'hui j'ai de la chance, mon jardinier chéri m'offre des roses...

....which temporarily adorn a cabbage before going home
a wink to one of my favorite shops Cabbage and Roses

...posées temporairement sur unchou avant de revenir à la maison
un clin d'oeil à une de mes boutiques préférées, Cabbage and Roses

actually, it makes me think, I would love to have a brooch
with a tiny green cabbage + roses.
Don't you think, it would be cute ?

En fait, cela me donne des envies d'avoir une broche
avec un chou miniature et des roses.
Ce serait pas mignon ?

pics : me


Gina said…
Oh! What a fine Gardener Moncheri is! The tomatoe plants look fantastic and so does the rest of the garden. How many days a week does Moncheri go to his garden to tend to his vegetables. They all look so perfect. Are the Figs ripe? I couldn't tell. I love them right off the tree. No chance of figs growing in this climate and our tomatoes will not be ripe for another month.
Congratulations to Moncheri for his fine vegetable garden.
maría cecilia said…
tu mon cherie es todo un amor!!! espectacular su huerto!!! y me parece de lo más romántico el momento.
p.s. ahhhh... y las rosas!!!
DolceDreams said…
What a beautiful garden you have! So wonderful! Yes, it is time to work on Christmas, but how crazy that is, no!?
Enjoy your week,
Life's simple pleasures are beautiful in your garden. A cabbage brooch sounds divine. How about baby brussel sprout pearls to go along with it?
Catherine xx
That is a very healthy looking garden; everything is quite green and strongly growing. I love the cabbage and the roses together; you are right, that would make a lovely brooch!
Ingrid Mida said…
Yes, yes, I'd like a brooch like that too. And perhaps a quilt like the one in the tree.
PK Studios said…
Beautiful abundant! LOVE your cabbage with the roses...would be sweet to see very tiny : ) Enjoy your bounty!
Linda Sue said…
WOW sunshine certainly makes a happy garden! Still pretty dark here- the gardens are not quite so impressive.

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