Working girl

This week end I'll play the working girl. You see I'm thrilled because the space next to the roof terrace is undergoing a beauty treatment and lots of cement and sand are needed. And a bit of help.
So this morning I put on my best working suit found in a fleamarket on the coast which says it all : "ladies work wear".....So let's get on with it !

Ce week end, je me transforme en gros bras. Je suis plus que ravie parce que l'espace attenant à la terrasse sur le toit va avoir droit un lifting spectaculaire et pour le moment, il faut du ciment et du sable à gogo. Et un peu d'aide, si possible.
Donc ce matin, j'ai enfilé ma belle combi de travail dénichée dans un marché aux puces sur la côte qui dit bien "ladies work wear" (vêtements de travail pour femmes).....Alors c'est parti !

I've got some pretty figs for you on my tumblr
and please I need your feedback on this card
(do you see a macaron or a hamburger?)

Thank you and have a wonderful week end !

pics : Monchéri


maría cecilia said…
yo quiere ese mameluco de trabajo, lo necesitoooo, genial!!!!
abrazos Lala
PK Studios said…
tres chic work wear! have fun : )
A very stylish working girl. Have fun, be playful and colour, colour, colour;-)
L'Adelaide said…
how cute you are....this would make a wonderful painting outfit but probably sans the belt.... and it would become very paint-stained if worn by me...have fun making sense of the mess! xx
Ingrid Mida said…
So cute!! Enjoy your working girl week!
stephanie levy said…
What a beautiful blog you have here - gorgeous photos and your life sounds so interesting :)
aguja said…
How come I do not look like this when working! Enjoy sorting your space!

I am back from Ireland and off now to England - hence the brief visit. I am back mid October, but have left some Ireland posts for bloggers to view whilst I am absent.
Mélanie A. said…
Toujours tres chic, même pour faire de gros travaux

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