Preparing the Christmas table

I'm really enjoying this last rush of Christmas preparations.
Setting up the table....baking and more baking for some orders.
I'm cooking a whole Mediterranean meal for Christmas eve.
The kitchen is in a mess and so is my hair.
But honestly I don't mind.
There's a happy vibe at home.
Lots of love to you and
Merry Christmas !

J'adore ce dernier rush de Noël.
Je prépare la fais de la pâtisserie....les dernières commandes pour demain.
Pour demain soir, je concocte un menu entièrement méditerranéen.
La cuisine est un souk total et mes cheveux aussi.
Mais franchement, pas de souci.
Il y a un parfum de bonheur à la maison.
Bisous à vous et joyeux Noël !

pics : me


The table looks pretty and festive! Adore the oranges there too. Have a merry christmas time. Enjoy and be safe;-)
studioJudith said…
Such a perfectly beautiful-
perfectly Lala table !
Warmest of Christmas wishes to you-

Oh, there they are...the oranges and gold coins. My favorite Christmas table of all!
Enjoy your holiday, Lala. Best wishes to you and Moncheri for a glorious 2012.
Lots of love,
Catherine xx
Blondie said…
Your table is Beautiful! Merry Christmas!
vicki archer said…
Happy Christmas Lala... Have a wonderful weekend... xv
Joyful said…
Best wishes for a wonderful and Merry Christmas to you and your cherie, Lala. I've been so busy with other "work" this past week but tomorrow I will have a leisurely day and then next day is Christmas. Love and hugs xx
Alba said…
J´aime l´atmosphère que vous créez.

Bonnes Fêtes
Kristin said…
Dear Lala,I want to wish you a Merry Christmas filled with special moments! Your table looks GREAT!

Kristin ♥♥♥
aguja said…
Your table is just right - fresh and vibrant!
Hope you celebrated a wonderful Christmas Day!
Love the pictures I await to see your recipes after I tried the orange cake I'll be happy to check out some Meditteranean dishes. Heres to Oranges !

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