For the love of gourds....

There's a man in my village who loves gourds not only to eat them but
also to make art with them and his creations are just amazing....yes..these are all gourds !

Il y un homme dans mon village qui a la passion des courges, pas seulement
pour les manger mais aussi pour la passion de l'art et ses créations sont vraiment étonnantes...
oui...tout est en courge !

Don Quijote y Sancho Panza
Plato Alpujarreño



Juan Antonio loves being in the countryside, planting trees and growing vegetable but his real passion is the gourd. Year after year, he grows them and then transforms them into beautiful and sometimes humoristical creations. (I particularly like his interpretation of the Spanish traditional dish with the morcilla (sausage). Juan Antonio was having an exhibition today in the village and I'm so happy I went and also the man is very simpatico. He could talk hours about his beloved gourds, the experiences he makes mixing the seeds and so on. It was a real pleasure to listen to him and I was really moved by his passion because once again, it just proves that poetry lies everywhere and is all around us if we want to see it.....Bravo Juan Antonio!

Juan Antonio Haro Molina adore être à la campagne, pour planter ses arbres et ses légumes mais sa vraie passion est la courge. Tous les ans, il s'adonne à la culture de ses curcubitacées favorites et les transforme ensuite en de merveilleuses créations artistiques et parfois humoristiques. (J'aime particulièrement son interprétation du plat traditionnel andalou avec la morcilla). Juan Antonio avait une expo aujourd'hui dans le village et je suis ravie d'y être allée et le monsieur est aussi muy simpatico. On sent qu'il pourrait parler des heures de ses courges bien aimées, des expériences qu'il fait en mélangeant les graines. C'était un vrai plaisir de l'écouter parler et sa passion m'a beaucoup émue parce qu'une fois de plus, cela prouve que la poésie est partout autour de nous si on veut la voir....Bravo Juan Antonio!

Have a wonderful week end !
Do you know that it's absolutely freezing here?
Monchéri and I are about to have hot soup and watch a Scandinavian thriller....
just for the fun of's even colder out there !

Passez un merveilleux week end !
Vous savez qu'il fait un froid terrible ici ?
Monchéri et moi allons avaler un bol de soupe brûlante et
regarder un thriller scandinave....
juste pour le plaisir de fait encore plus froid là-bas !

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Linda Sue said…
Fantastic! Gourds grow around here and people do try to art them up a bit- but they usually end up lacking any sort of charm- these in your village are amazing- I have a new appreciation!
Gina said…
Dear Lala, I'm in love with that beautiful Senorita. Can you talk your friend into letting you sell some of his art in your Etsy shop?
Rosemary said…
I love, love, love Don Quijote and Sancho gourds! Are they too fragile to ship to the US??!!
Joyful said…
Fantastic works of art. I'm always amazed and inspired by the creativity of different people.

While you are now freezing in Europe, we are getting great weather where I live. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temperatures are warmish...+7 Celcius or so. I hope it doesen't stay cold for too long. Keep warm. xx
studioJudith said…
Bravo, indeed ... .
refreshing creativity !

Sara said…
Those are so interesting and beautiful; I like the ladies the best, and I adore that little carved fan that Menina is carrying!

Gourd art is known over here too...I have a friend from school days (very long ago!) who makes beautiful creations in the Southwestern American theme. You can search for "Creative Gourd Designs" to see her work (her name is Diana T.)
Anonymous said…
How lovely! That gourd woman with a fan is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Ingrid Mida said…
Poetry is everywhere. I never would have thought of gourds as an object to make art with. I suppose art is in everything we see - but we have to see it first.
Ole y ole por Juan Antonio un aristazo.

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