Happy birthday to Monchéri......

.....and to think that nearly six years ago, I met a tall dark stranger, here in Andalusia....
a very very nice one....

It was Monchéri's birthday yesterday and as you know, if you have been following this blog....of course, you know.... I'm quite besotted with my darling Spanish man...the one I feel like thanking for all the sunshine he pours into my heart.....the one I want to dedicate this poem to .....feliz cumpleaños mi amor !.....

Desmayarse, atreverse, estar furioso,
áspero, tierno, liberal, esquivo,
alentado, mortal, difunto, vivo,
leal, traidor, cobarde y animoso;

no hallar fuera del bien centro y reposo,
mostrarse alegre, triste, humilde, altivo,
enojado, valiente, fugitivo,
satisfecho, ofendido, receloso;

huir el rostro al claro desengaño,
beber veneno por licor süave,
olvidar el provecho, amar el daño;

creer que un cielo en un infierno cabe,
dar la vida y el alma a un desengaño;
esto es amor, quien lo probó lo sabe.

Lope de Vega

To feel faint, daring, furious, surly, tender, generous, evasive, encouraged, mortal, like a corpse, alive, loyal, a traitor; a coward and also brave.

To feel disoriented and ill at ease away from your beloved

To show yourself happy, sad, humble, proud, angry, courageous and in cowardly disappointment,

To drink poison as if a sweet potion, to forsake gain in favor of harm,

To believe that heaven in a hell can fit, to give up life and soul for inevitable frustration, all of this is love; he who has tasted it knows it well.

Lope de Vega (prose translation by G.J. Racz)

pics : my castle in spain


Milena said…
Maravilloso poema de Lope de Vega y preciosa la foto de tu chico.
Felicidades para Tonchéri, qué disfrutéis, y un abrazo fuerte, Lala para tí.
Aww, beautiful words Lala... Joyeux Anniversaire Monchéri (ton chéri, bien sȗr) and ¡feliz cumpleaños! Tadah!!! Hope you both had a lovely day, bisous xo
Joyful said…
I like this photo of your love. Happy Birthday to ton chéri.
Al said…
What a beautiful post! Such sweet words of love. You have found your Prince for sure. Wishing many more happy years for you both. -Allison
vicki archer said…
How lovely you are Lala... I hope he had a wonderful birthday... xv
Happy birthday greetings to your Moncheri, my lovely. Here's wishing you many more years together. xx
Happy Belated Birthday to the most fabulous guy in the Lecrin Valley. (And so lucky to have you!) Great photo.
I was trying to find you on tumblr. Are you still there? Let me know - if you have a minute between cream puffs.
Blondie said…
Happy birthday wishes to your special man!!
rooth said…
Happy birthday to him - what a lovely tribute
Vickie said…
beautiful : ) happy birthday to him!
La Balconada said…
Oh!! Lala it's so beautifull!!

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