Spring glass cover

This afternoon I had guests for tea and in a dull moment, 
just before they arrived I covered
the water glasses with what I call a spring cover....

Cet après-midi, j'avais des invités pour le thé. Juste avant qu'ils
arrivent, je me suis amusée à faire ce que j'appelle
un couvercle de printemps pour les verres d'eau...

Very simple to do, I already had some cutout paper circles punched
on the side. Then I just put a little flower in the hole.
It's only a tiny tiny detail...for sure, we have no flies or mosquitoes 
right now but at least my guests like it !

Très simple à faire..J'avais déjà des ronds en papier découpés
et perforés sur le côté. Il suffit juste de mettre une petite fleur
dans la perforation....C'est juste un tout tout petit détail...
c'est sûr, ce ni l'époque des mouches ou des moustiques
 mais au moins mes invités ont aimé !


Happy week end to you

Bon week end


Why did I never think of that?! Great idea and thank you for sharing!
Happy Woman's Day by the way,
thank you Noelle and Happy Woman's day to you too..although, shouldn't it be everyday ? :-)
Alba said…
Moi aussi j´ai aimé. Bon dimanche
Sara said…
That is very clever and pretty. You have reminded me of the old-fashioned clothes, very delicate netting or gauze, with beads all around the rim to keep them from flying away in the breeze, that were used in Victorian times for the same purpose. They dangled very prettily over the edges of cups and bowls.
Relyn Lawson said…
Your glasses are incredibly gorgeous.

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