Sevilla - part one

I loved our week end in Sevilla...but it was much too short !

This is just a very quick post to send you warm thoughts
from the gorgeous Sevilla

J'ai adoré notre week à Séville...mais c'était trop court !

Voici juste un billet très court pour vous envoyer
un peu de cette bonne chaleur sévillane

And boy,  was it hot there ! Lucky for us, we found some 
hidden fountains in lovely plazetas

Et quelle chaleur il a fait ! Heureusement, qu'à chaque fois,
on découvrait des fontaines cachées dans des adorables petites places

I come back later with more pics.....

Of course....

You didn't think I forgot you, did you ?

Je reviens plus tard avec plus d'images...

bien sûr....

Vous ne pensiez tout de même pas que je vous avais oubliés !


Looking forward to more images from Sevilla! I adore the ancient buidling above, too. And your pretty summer dress;-)
Tu est trop belle dans cette photo! :-)

I don't think I'd complain about being too hot at the moment, I'm so cold here I have my woolly blanket around me while I'm working...

I hope you're well and the sunshine lasts for you. Bisous xo
Thank you Barbara ! this is placeta El Cabildo, where there is a tiny shop where you can buy cakes made by nuns..xLala

Oh merci Carole ! gosh, what's happening with summer in London ? hope it will come soon xo Lala
Theresa Cheek said…
beautiful ornamental design !
Nadezda said…
Très jolie ta robe :)
Gina said…
Yes, dear Lala, Your new dress is stunning. It is so perfect with those beautiful and white buildings.
Unknown said…
Tu es très belle avec cette robe. je suis sûre que c´est toi qui l´a crée.
M.E said…
What beautiful pictures, can't wait to see more of your weekend in Seville, I really love that city, it's so culturally rich :)
Unknown said…
Lovely images on your blog. I'm a new follower. Spain is so beautiful and we are planning our first trip to Portugal next summer. I look forward to following your blog!
Cheers, Heather @ Stylemindchic

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