Brocante in Almuñecar

I often hear that the sunday fleamarket in Almuñecar is crap but
what a joy for me to have found all these yesterday....
I was on a girly week end and we drove to Almuñecar on sunday to go
to the fleamarket. I wanted to find more additions to my cups and plates range
for my upcoming Fashion High Tea. Indeed, I was so pleased to find
these exquisite German bone china cups and plates, milk jugs,
cristal tiny plates for tea filters and tea boxes and jar to put the teas in,
plus a ravishing tray to present the teas. And all that for 86 euros.
Merveilleux, non ?

J'entends souvent dire que le marché aux puces du dimanche à Almuñecar
est nul mais je ne vous dis pas ma joie d'avoir réuni tout ce butin hier...
J'étais en week end de filles et dimanche nous sommes allées à Almuñecar 
au marché aux puces. Je voulais augmenter ma série de tasses et d'assiettes
pour mon prochain Fashion High Tea et j'étais ravie d'avoir trouvé ces ravissantes
tasses en porcelaine allemande avec assiettes assorties, des petits pots à lait,
de jolies soucoupes en cristal pour y déposer les filtres à thé, des boîtes à thé en
métal, un joli pot à thé en faïence bleue et un joli plateau pour présenter les thés.
Et tout ça pour 86 euros. Merveilleux, non ?

So, the sunday fleamarket in Almuñecar might be crap 
but let me tell you, if you take the pain to look then you can find
your happiness as we say in French....

Alors, oui le marché aux puces d'Almuñecar, le dimanche
est un peu vaseux mais croyez-moi si on fait l'effort de chercher,
on peut vraiment trouver son bonheur....


Oh yes, very marvelous. I love that swan.
Joyful said…
I like the saying in French and I think you found some marvellous things. xx
ForgedBlog said…
Hi There,

Just discovered your blog and wanted to say hi. I am an American of Spanish descent and love everything Spanish. My entire family except my did reside in La Coruna. In my blog I often post recipes for Spanish food or about my travels to Spain. Perhaps you'll drop in and see.

All the best,

Unknown said…
"Lala Ema" has been included in the eighth edition of our Thinking of Christmas Gifts in July 2014 series. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new customers in your direction.
Relyn Lawson said…
I think it looks like great fun.

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