Snow in Gothenburg

 I had hoped for it and it came...silently as it should. Like a post Christmas gift.
This is a precious moment indeed: when you make yourself snug at home 
with a hot cup of tea, while watching the snow fall.

Je l'espérais et elle est venue...en silence comme il se doit. Comme un cadeau
d'après Noël. C'est beau de regarder tomber la neige, chez soi, bien au chaud 
 avec une bonne tasse de thé entre les mains.

 It's also fun to walk in the neighborhood for a bit of cold fresh air and
quickly enter one of the many lovely and cozy cafés around.

C'est chouette aussi de se balader dans le quartier pour prendre un bol d'air frais
et puis se réchauffer dans l'un des nombreux petits cafés cozy du coin.
 And for me, there couldn't be any winter without a good old cinema to go to.
And I found a true cinephile paradise in Gothenburg, the Hagabion cinema.
I went twice already to see Almodovar's Julieta and Roschdy Zem's Chocolat. 
For the latter, being the only one spectator, I had the whole room by myself. 
20 super comfy red velvet chairs all for me....I loved it....

Pour moi, il n'y a pas d'hiver sans un bon cinéma. Et j'ai vraiment trouvé un petit
paradis pour cinéphiles à Gothenburg, le ciné Hagabion. J'y suis déjà allée deux fois
pour voir Julieta d'Almodovar et Chocolat de Roschdy Zem. Pour cette séance,
étant donné que j'étais l'unique spectatrice, j'ai eu la salle pour moi toute seule.
20 fauteuils en velours rouge, rien que pour moi....J'ai adoré...
 Winter in Sweden means hibernation which makes the perfect excuse to bake.
Last sunday, I made my first brioche here. Nothing can be more pleasant than
the delicious smell of homemade brioche on a winter morning.

L'hiver en Suède ça veut dire hibernation, et c'est la meilleure excuse pour 
faire des gâteaux. Dimanche dernier, j'ai fait ma première brioche ici. 
Rien ne vaut la bonne odeur d'une brioche maison un matin d'hiver.
 At the time I write this post, the snow has already melted...alas...oh well,
I guess I will have to travel further north to be fully immersed in winterland.
After all, Gothenburg is in the south of Sweden. 

Au moment où j'écris ce billet, la neige a déjà fondu hélas. Dommage...
Je suppose que je devrais voyager encore plus au nord pour voir des paysages
tout enneigés. Après tout, Gothenburg est au sud de la Suède.
 Since I discovered that raspberries are to be found in every shop here,
my favorite dessert is to make profiteroles with raspberry sauce.
Choux filled with vanilla ice cream and generously covered 
with a cold raspberry sauce. So addictive!

Depuis que j'ai découvert qu'il y a une abondance de framboises ici,
mon dessert préféré c'est les profiteroles au coulis de framboise.
Des petits choux garnis de glace à la vanille et généreusement recouverts
de coulis de framboise. Une vraie addiction ! 


Joyful said…
Glad you are enjoying the winter but I'm surprised that snow is already melted. Here in the south of Canada we are still having far more snow than we normally do and the colder temperatures that come with it. I'm looking forward to the rain when it won't be quite so slippery for walking. Winter is good for finding nice cosy cafes and enjoyable movies. Glad you've found both. xx
Joyful said…
Each year I try harder to remember that life is for living and particularly in the present moment; not for the past and not for the future but to enjoy each and every moment. It creates a different way of living. I'm not so good at it but I'm trying. Of course I also try to make future plans too but like you some I know will not materialize. They just add to the beautiful thoughts. Other things I can action and achieve. Here's hoping you have all your dream for in 2017! Hugs. xx
That would be a truly beautiful moment and I am happy you are experiencing it. You are certainly in a very different environment from Spain!
Sandi said…

Baking a lot here too. It's been chilly and snowy.

There's an intriguing effect on the photo with the man walking by the bridge. It's a reflection, I think. Something spherical. Enchanting effect!
@Penny - I must say I'm quite surprised winter in Gothenburg isn't so cold as I would have imagined! Well, at least we had beautiful snow for a couple of days :-) Thank you for the best wishes and hope 2017 will bring you much joy. A big hug to you x

@Sara - I'm just experiencing another sort of ...south! :-)

@Sandi - Thank you! Yes, I took this pic from the tram, hence the reflection :-)

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