Friday, August 24, 2007

The invitation to the voyage

My child, my sister,
Think of the rapture
Of living together there!
Of loving at will,
Of loving till death,
In the land that is like you!

There all is order and beauty,
Luxury, peace, and pleasure.

The rarest flowers
Mingling their fragrance
With the faint scent of amber,
The ornate ceilings,
The limpid mirrors,
The oriental splendour,
All would whisper there
Secretly to the soul
In its soft, native language.

The world falls asleep
In a warm glow of light.

(Translated by William Aggeler)

When Baudelaire wrote his “Invitation au voyage”, he was dreaming of Holland but he could as well dreamt of the Alhambra…..

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Letter to Granada

Dear Granada,

I love to wander in your streets. I took this picture a few months ago on Carrera del Genil. This beauty clad in Gaudi-esque colours was proudly announcing the arrival of summer fashion at El Corte Inglès. It's a little bit difficult to visit you in summer because of the heat but luckily I can refresh myself in your fountains. I loved your last summer festival. Though all tickets were sold out, still there were all these performances in the street. We loved the Senegalese ballet. We then lingered on Plaza Romanilla for a last drink. That night, the moon was shining above the palm tree in front of us. It was so romantic, I felt at last I found my new home.
At times though I wish your mayor would treat you a little bit better. I wish he would put an end to this furious building mania. You deserve better than those horrible flat houses which seem to grow everywhere.
Don’t you think ?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Love me or leave me

This is what my blog told me last night when I made him a quick visit to make sure he was still there…

He was very angry and started to call me all kind of names:

- Have you any idea how many days you left me unattended, you lazy French amateur writer. You’d better give me some food right now or I’ll disappear for good.
- No, no wait…I can explain everything. You see, my sister and my niece were there for ten days. And every time I tried to escape from them in order to be with you, well it was just impossible.
- You mean, you didn’t even want to introduce me to your family? Are you ashamed of me, by any chance?
- Of course not dear but you see….I’d rather keep you as a secret…I’m sure you understand.
- Ok, ok…but more than ten days have elapsed now.
- I know, I’m awfully sorry…I got busy with my translation work. My ex business partner reappeared on the work scene and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. But I promise I’ll make it up for it. Look at this photo above…This paella served on the beach in Salobreña is just for you my darling blog !

After this, I still felt a little bit peevish but relieved….I was so afraid my blog would think I didn’t love him anymore.

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