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Monday, July 7, 2014

Brocante in Almuñecar

I often hear that the sunday fleamarket in Almuñecar is crap but
what a joy for me to have found all these yesterday....
I was on a girly week end and we drove to Almuñecar on sunday to go
to the fleamarket. I wanted to find more additions to my cups and plates range
for my upcoming Fashion High Tea. Indeed, I was so pleased to find
these exquisite German bone china cups and plates, milk jugs,
cristal tiny plates for tea filters and tea boxes and jar to put the teas in,
plus a ravishing tray to present the teas. And all that for 86 euros.
Merveilleux, non ?

J'entends souvent dire que le marché aux puces du dimanche à Almuñecar
est nul mais je ne vous dis pas ma joie d'avoir réuni tout ce butin hier...
J'étais en week end de filles et dimanche nous sommes allées à Almuñecar 
au marché aux puces. Je voulais augmenter ma série de tasses et d'assiettes
pour mon prochain Fashion High Tea et j'étais ravie d'avoir trouvé ces ravissantes
tasses en porcelaine allemande avec assiettes assorties, des petits pots à lait,
de jolies soucoupes en cristal pour y déposer les filtres à thé, des boîtes à thé en
métal, un joli pot à thé en faïence bleue et un joli plateau pour présenter les thés.
Et tout ça pour 86 euros. Merveilleux, non ?

So, the sunday fleamarket in Almuñecar might be crap 
but let me tell you, if you take the pain to look then you can find
your happiness as we say in French....

Alors, oui le marché aux puces d'Almuñecar, le dimanche
est un peu vaseux mais croyez-moi si on fait l'effort de chercher,
on peut vraiment trouver son bonheur....

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fleamarket in Almuñ a bargain

Every sunday morning, there's a big fleamarket in Almuñecar
on the coast, a mixture of brocante, clothing and antiques. 

I always feel on holiday when I go there.

Tous les dimanches matin, il y a un gros marché aux puces
à Almuñecar sur la côte, un mélange de brocante, de
vêtements et d'antiquités.

Je me sens toujours en vacances quand j'y vais.

The first thing to do is to sit at the bar facing the market and have a coffee
with tostada con jamon serrano before wandering through the stalls.

La première chose à faire en arrivant est de prendre un café au
bar d'en face, avec une bonne tostada con jamon serrano avant
d'écumer les stands.

I bought 2 lovely French Limoges tiny leaf-shaped salt plates from a Belgian
 seller who also showed me this very pretty silk handpainted fan.

J'ai acheté 2 adorables salières en forme de feuille en porcelaine de Limoges
à une dame belge qui m'a aussi montré ce très joli éventail en soie,
peint à la main.

You will find anything in this market, from tools to fruit

On trouve de tout sur ce marché...des outils aux fruits

And when the market is over, it's always nice to have lunch by the beach

Et puis quand le marché est fini, c'est toujours sympa de 
déjeuner sur la plage.

and spend the afternoon, lying on on the beach

et de passer l'après-midi à paresser sur la plage

and back home, I was thrilled to display my loot on the dining table.
I was looking for tea cups and coffee cups, practical but pretty for my
future high tea project. (did I tell you about that ?)

de retour à la maison, j'étais toute contente d'étaler mon butin sur 
la table du salon. J'étais à la recherche de tasses à thé et café,
pratiques mais jolies, pour mon futur projet de "high tea"
(je vous en ai parlé ?)

This is what I found : 
a complete white tea service - 12 cups for 25€
2 marbled lilac coffee cups and saucers for 1€
5 gold rimmed coffee cups and saucers for 2€
5 celestial blue coffee cups and 4 saucers for 3€
2 salt plates for 2€
2 oval gold rimmed and scalloped plates for 2€
1 book Tales and Legends of Provence for 1€
4 white cotton sheets, 1€ each
6 white crochet doilies, 0,50€ each

Total : 43 €
A real bargain, non ?

Voici ce que j'ai trouvé :
un service à thé blanc complet avec 12 tasses, 25€
2 tasses à café et sous-tasses lilas marbré, 1€
5 tasses à café et sous-tasses avec filet doré, 2€
5 tasses à café et 4 sous-tasses bleu céleste, 3€
2 salières, 2€
2 ramequins ovales avec filet doré, 2€
1 livre Contes et Légendes de Provence, 1 €
4 draps en coton blanc, 1€ chacun
6 napperons blancs en crochet, 0,50€ chacun

Total : 43€
Une super affaire, non ?

This fleamarket in Almuñecar used to take place the 1st sunday on the month
and was much much bigger then. It now takes place every sunday. 

We stopped going because there are less sellers now but it is still
worthwhile as you can see and of course, you never know what you'll find
which is the magic of fleamarkets...which is why I might go back next sunday !

Avant, le marché aux puces d'Almuñecar avait lieu le 1er dimanche
du mois et était beaucoup plus important. Il se fait maintenant tous
les dimanches.

En fait, on a arrêté d'y aller parce qu'il y avait moins de stands mais
comme vous le voyez ça vaut quand même la peine. Et puis c'est sûr que
l'on ne sait jamais ce que l'on va trouver.....C'est la magie des marchés aux 
puces... en fait, j'ai très envie d'y retourner dimanche prochain !

Fleamarket in Almuñecar
every sunday
from 10am to 2pm

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday fleamarket in Almuñecar

Since december, the fleamarket is on again in Almuñecar on the coast.
It used to take place every first sunday of the month
and now it's every sunday.
It used to be a huge market and quite interesting,
so I was a bit disappointed yesterday to find less sellers.
Hopefully with time, it will grow....

Depuis décembre, le marché aux puces a repris à Almuñecar sur la côte.
Il avait lieu le premier dimanche de chaque mois
et maintenant c'est tous les dimanche.
D'habitude, c'est plutôt une très grande brocante avec plein de choses intéressantes,
mais hier j'étais un peu déçue de trouver beaucoup moins de stands.
Mais espérons qu'avec le temps, ce marché bougera un peu plus.

And it's always very nice to come to the coast when the weather is sunny and warm
Et c'est toujours agréable de venir sur la côte lorsque le temps est beau et ensoleillé

Have a sweet start of the week
Un très doux début de semaine à vous

and ps :
yes, my new pastel party favors are now in my shop
oui, ma nouvelle série de boîtes-cadeaux pastel est dans ma boutique

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ay Paella !

For this week end, I am not asking too much, just a bit of music, something joyful to bid farewell to summer although we're still having a wonderful weather. As the Andalusians say, it is the quince summer, el verano de los membrillos.
well, a plate of paella would surely make me happy too....Rice, saffron, mussels, red peppers, gambas, green's all it needs and a big sarten (paella dish) of course and a couple of hours

and I guess while we're still in october, I could have one of those espeto de sardinas (sardins cooked on a stick)
and if time and work allow may be a stroll on the beach in Almuñecar....
Have a wonderful week end !

pics : my favorite café in Almuñecar and the feria gastronomica in Almuñecar last june

Monday, June 29, 2009

The old admiral and the sea and a poetry contest in Almuñecar

Monchéri likes the company of old men who had a full intense life. He likes to listen to stories of travels and uncommon things. When we stayed in Almuñecar a few days ago, as I was checking on some new places, he met the colorful Pepe who is a former admiral and now lives on the coast in Almuñecar, where he opened a modest small hostal. Tourists have not come in flocks yet so, his hostal was empty by the time we were there. We were about to go back to Granada and may be because he liked us or because Monchéri was all ears when the old admiral narrated his overseas adventures, Pepe proposed us to stay at his hostal for the extremely humble sum of 10€ a night ! So...we couldn't refuse, could we?Pepe generously gave us the room upstairs con vistas al mar, views on the sea and the beautiful metal weathercock in shape of a boat. The hostal was a bit dusty and neglected but oh well, our host was kind and pleasant. After sharing stories of his life in faraway countries, Pepe told us he started to write poetry some years ago and organized a poetry contest every year on a special theme. Everybody from any nationality is welcome to enter the contest, provided the poem is written in Spanish.
The best 3 poems receive a prize from 100€ to 300€. The night of the contest, once the prizes have been awarded and after a few glasses of good red wine and hearty food, poems are being thrown into the sea, inside a glass bottle. I found the idea quite romantic. Who knows if, one day, on the Morroccan coast, someone catches a glimpse of the floating bottle enclosing a poem written by a man or a woman some time ago. Actually, Pepe confessed with a broad smile on his face, that he did receive an email once from someone in Algeria, who had found one his poems with his email address. Isn't it incredible?
This year, the contest is on again and the elected theme is the crisis. Monchéri says he will try to write something. My Spanish is not good enough but I would love to write something too. To be sincere, I'm very curious to read what the participants will have to say about the crisis in form of a poem....
I must say, it's a topic which worries me rather than inspires me to write poetry !

edit to post : silly me, I forgot my Spanish speaking blogging friends (Yoli, Cynthia, Cuban, Susanna) and all of you out there could be interested. Here are the conditions of the contest. The exact theme is España en crisis*. Poesia.
The length accepted is a A4 sheet.
Deadline is : august 25th
Works are to be submitted at the following address : Hotel Playa San Cristobal, Plaza de Abderraman nº5 - 18690 Almuñecar (Granada) Spain.
3 awards will be given to the best poems
1st prize : 300€
2nd prize : 200€
3rd prize : 100€
Awards will be remitted at the Hotel Playa San Cristobal on september 5th.

*the crisis is hitting hard in Spain as the economy mainly rested on sectors of construction and real restate which have been severely slowing down

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2 cafés.....2 styles.... on the coast in Almuñecar

I was visiting one of my favorite decoration bloggers this morning, the sweet and very talented Mélanie from Le petit cabinet de curiosités. Mélanie runs an antique and decoration shop in my chère Provence natale. Her father is an amazing artisan in upholstery and she's got a great taste for fabrics; I've just checked her collection again and sighed because I'll have to wait a bit of time to acquire some of her fabulous Pierre Frey fabrics.

This post is about 2 cafés with 2 different styles, on the coast in Almuñecar and the funny thing is that I immediately thought of Mélanie when we entered this new chic café-restaurant Kairos because of the black toile de Jouy. (Does this ever happen to you ? You go somewhere and suddenly you think of a particular blogging friend. I guess one must be a blogger to experience this...)

We had plenty of time to spend in cafés last week end as the weather was whimsical and windy. I usually love primary colors especially in a place by the sea but I immediately fell in love with the black and white decor with touches of gold. It gives warmth and a sense of grandeur to a room especially if it has high ceilings like in this café.
the black tulle lamp has been seen a bit everywhere but is definitely chic

et voilà notre toile de Jouy with a Chinese theme...Love it!
now if neo-classic chic is not your thing then perhaps you would like a minimalist and modern decor. This is the bar/lounge of the hotel Playa Cotobro where we stayed, white with a few touches of vibrant colors.

So which style has your vote?
for me it will have to be both, depending on the mood....

pics : me

café-restaurant Kairos in Almuñecar (at the entrance of the town)

bar of hotel Playa Cotobro on Cotobro beach

Monday, June 8, 2009

Room 313......hotel Playa Cotobro in Almuñecar

In the end we did manage to get away to the coast in Almuñecar. We found a nice little hotel just in front of the beach. This was the view from our room. How I wish to be there tonight too and tomorrow.... Last night we stood on our balcony watching the reflection of the moon in the sea. Que romantico...
The Hotel Playa Cotobro opened its doors last march in a very secluded and quiet part of Almuñecar. Its design is simple and modern. It faces the sea. Very few cars pass by.

as you can see, there was practically no one when I took these pics on friday night. The weather was unexpectedly chilly and windy
still it was so good to be by the sea only for a few days. Very energizing
I'll be back on wednesday with more pics of Almuñecar.....its little cafés, la feria gastronomica....

Have a merry start of the week !

pics : me
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