2 cafés.....2 styles.... on the coast in Almuñecar

I was visiting one of my favorite decoration bloggers this morning, the sweet and very talented Mélanie from Le petit cabinet de curiosités. Mélanie runs an antique and decoration shop in my chère Provence natale. Her father is an amazing artisan in upholstery and she's got a great taste for fabrics; I've just checked her collection again and sighed because I'll have to wait a bit of time to acquire some of her fabulous Pierre Frey fabrics.

This post is about 2 cafés with 2 different styles, on the coast in Almuñecar and the funny thing is that I immediately thought of Mélanie when we entered this new chic café-restaurant Kairos because of the black toile de Jouy. (Does this ever happen to you ? You go somewhere and suddenly you think of a particular blogging friend. I guess one must be a blogger to experience this...)

We had plenty of time to spend in cafés last week end as the weather was whimsical and windy. I usually love primary colors especially in a place by the sea but I immediately fell in love with the black and white decor with touches of gold. It gives warmth and a sense of grandeur to a room especially if it has high ceilings like in this café.
the black tulle lamp has been seen a bit everywhere but is definitely chic

et voilà notre toile de Jouy with a Chinese theme...Love it!
now if neo-classic chic is not your thing then perhaps you would like a minimalist and modern decor. This is the bar/lounge of the hotel Playa Cotobro where we stayed, white with a few touches of vibrant colors.

So which style has your vote?
for me it will have to be both, depending on the mood....

pics : me

café-restaurant Kairos in Almuñecar (at the entrance of the town)

bar of hotel Playa Cotobro on Cotobro beach


Kim said…
i would agree--a combination of both. That bouquet at the end would look marvelous on an 18th commode with a black background.
Mélanie said…
C'est si touchant , Lala , de savoir que quelque part sur cette terre quelqu'un que je n'ai pas encore rencontré , pense à moi .
Devant tant de beauté, je suis doublement touchée et conquise . Comme toi, cela dépend de l'humeur , j'apprécie les 2 pour différentes raisons. J'adore le néo classique mais la mosaïque sur les murs , je trouve cela ravissant.
merci pour ce très joli post et surtout MERCI d'avoir pensé à moi...
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

I kind of agree with you. It would depend upon my mood. That said, the modern, seemed a bit stark after that luscious 1st cafe. My question though is, how was the food/wine related to the visual aesthetic?

As always,

Yoli said…
Both definitely though most days leaning to wards the second one. The first one does remind me of Melanie. She has such great taste and her shop is just exquisite. Now Lala, when you see swords, does it remind you of me? ;-)
It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I fancy a minimalist ambience, stripped down of glitz and glam. Some other times I am in the mood for an over the top and overelaborate environment. Fantastic photos and brilliant commentary. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.
I do adore Black/White toile .. .
but, I must say
Variety IS the spice of life:
I'll take both.

Señora Capone said…
I´m a libra, I want them both!
Linda Sue said…
WOW! Thank you for the photos of places I will never be able to go! Both are amazing though, personally, i prefer the open clean sense I get from the second one. What lovely photo's, Lala.
Hello lala,
What a great name! Thank you for popping in and I enjoyed my visit, again I think. I love the first store as I always have a thing for black. Both are wonderful. And I love your menu cards in the previous post, gorgeous!
Kim said…
I cast my vote for the cafe by the beach, though I love the black/white/gold interior of the other...it's just the location of the second beckons me.
Simply Mel said…
I would find the coziest spot in cafe #1 and stay for hours! Lovely!
SE'LAH... said…
your shots are amazing!!! you are quite talented with that camera.
Carla said…
Hi there, the photos are lovely, I don;t want to vote because they are both beautiful and completely different. Both deserve credit. Thanks Carla x
Susana said…
Hola Lala! Beautiful!!! I used to got to Almunecar on holiday when I was a kid. We went there a few summers...

Sorry I haven't visited much, it's been crazy but we are enjoying being back in Asia so much!

Hope to visit more often from now on!
great looking black/white decor. Classy and smart at the same time.
pranksygang said…
that place is awesome!!! i loved the flowers....
I would be most comfortable in the Toile but who knows? A few drinks and one is loving everything and everybody!
Catherine x
rochambeau said…
You're right! Melanie's antiques and Pierre Frey's fabric's are both the BEST!!!!!

Like both of the cafes. They are both beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos.

Relyn said…
As I began looking at this amazing post, I kept thinking, "That's a cafe? I want to move it!" The second one is impressive, but the first gets my vote. So lovely.

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