Ay Paella !

For this week end, I am not asking too much, just a bit of music, something joyful to bid farewell to summer although we're still having a wonderful weather. As the Andalusians say, it is the quince summer, el verano de los membrillos.
well, a plate of paella would surely make me happy too....Rice, saffron, mussels, red peppers, gambas, green peas...it's all it needs and a big sarten (paella dish) of course and a couple of hours

and I guess while we're still in october, I could have one of those espeto de sardinas (sardins cooked on a stick)
and if time and work allow may be a stroll on the beach in Almuñecar....
Have a wonderful week end !

pics : my favorite café in Almuñecar and the feria gastronomica in Almuñecar last june


Caroline said…
Sigh... oh, to be in Spain! Lovely pics Lala! Hope you have a nice weekend!x
pve design said…
I would love a sardine NOW! Tasty and good for your health!!
David Engel said…
I can't believe I'm reading this before I've had breakfast! Look what you're doing to me!


Joyful said…
The tropical beach looks divine. Enjoy your weekend, Lala. <3
Oooh....that is a huge paellera!
Your pictures make me cry (well...happy tears!).
It is ridiculously wintry cold over here! I want to get cozy next to that outdoor fire!
Have a great weekend!
studioJudith said…
If I weren't so stuffed with eating all that chocolat --- I'd just dive into the paella!

Hope your weekend is perfect ...

Sara said…
That is a gigantic cooking pan! And the paella looks very delicious. Enjoy your summer memories weekend. It is summer here too today.
Susana said…
Sardinas!!! Qué ricas! I went to Almuñécar a couple of summers when I was a kid... it was fun!

Barcelona is quite cold at the moment... the weather changed so suddenly!
Inty swetha said…
happy weekend dear:)

and i would like to have "a plate of paella"! it looks colorful and delicious !
Simply Mel said…
I want to come and share paella with you!

By the way, I love the photo of your 'muse'!
Steph said…
I love paella. My mentor, Maestro Salazar, spent his summers in Madrid and when he and his wife came home to California she'd make paella for dinner parties. Delicioso!
Patricia said…
Bee said…
These pictures are so full of gorgeous "summer" light.

Just this summer, I had grilled sardines in Spain for the first time. They were a bit fiddly to eat, but I LOVED them!
maría cecilia said…
Lala!!! so long...I get so happy when I visit your blog, you brighten my day... well, my night..
I was a little bit tired of this internet world so I had to take some rest from it... I´m back again.
I had a great paella last sunday, my oldest brother is a professional one cooking it... nothing better than a good and tasty paella!!! Did you know that most people in Chile are descendants from spanish people?, yes we are... ole!!
Un abrazo cariñoso
María Cecilia
Italo said…
CIAO BELLA! these photos are amazing. That's what I like in your blog. Your description is interesting, funny but you put also soul photos (as I say), photos where you can see the soul of a place. Gracias.
BLOGitse said…
paella, sardinas...oh, I miss both! + goog red wine! :)

Hasta proxima!
oiacaveman said…
gorgeous simple food and decent weather to enjoy it outdoors....add some good music, great company...dont get much better Lala ;-)
sinnlighet said…
Paella & Spain = Dreamy feelings!
Agneta from cold Sweden
Scarlet said…
Your photos make me want to pack my bags and move to Spain! Seriously. I want to walk the beach in Almuñecar eating sardines on a stick! (It doesn't sound romantic, but I'll bet it's fun!) :)

PS - That paella looks divina, btw! Wow!!
Christina said…
this is so glorious! i am standing with my plate ready! lol
That made me so hungry. The paella so good. Enjoyed it.
TheChicGeek said…
Oh so lovely, Lala :D You know how to live and love life! It is beautiful! And your food...all I can say is Super Yummmmm! LOL

Have a Happy Weekend Lala :D
So good to see you happy and doing well!

Much Love and Big Hug from America :D

Ooo yummy, looks so good!
Simply Colette said…
This post is awesome! Such great and unusual food photography. :) Your Noel cards are lovely too!
Clementina said…
Dios mio de mi vida, creo que me voy a morir de hambre! The first time I had paella was in Alzira, Valencia, in the house of my friend Felicidad. One of the happiest meals I have ever had!
Gracias for bringing back los recuerdos.
dutchbaby said…
That is the most spectacular paella I have ever seen in my life! And those sardines on a stick! Yummmm for the tummy and yummmm for the eyes. Makes me want to book a flight right now.

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