Room 313......hotel Playa Cotobro in Almuñecar

In the end we did manage to get away to the coast in Almuñecar. We found a nice little hotel just in front of the beach. This was the view from our room. How I wish to be there tonight too and tomorrow.... Last night we stood on our balcony watching the reflection of the moon in the sea. Que romantico...
The Hotel Playa Cotobro opened its doors last march in a very secluded and quiet part of Almuñecar. Its design is simple and modern. It faces the sea. Very few cars pass by.

as you can see, there was practically no one when I took these pics on friday night. The weather was unexpectedly chilly and windy
still it was so good to be by the sea only for a few days. Very energizing
I'll be back on wednesday with more pics of Almuñecar.....its little cafés, la feria gastronomica....

Have a merry start of the week !

pics : me


willow said…
I am sooooo envious. Sigh.
Very chic. You always manage to find fabulous places. The view is stunning! Thanks for your visits, Lala. (I haven't heard 'guapa' in a long time. Ha!)
Catherine xx
It's always good to be by the sea..., it really is energizing! What a chic hotel, and I love the umbrellas on the beach.
David Engel said…
Hi Lala,

What I would do to place myself in one of your pictures. That view from your room was great. I would've loved being there chill and all.


Beautiful vistas. Many thanks for the photos and the commentary.

Greetings from London.
pranksygang said…
Is this place is really on heaven??
its gr8 ! thanks for the tour! you have taken awesome shots!!
Spangle said…
Some beautiful photos as always. The hotel looked really modern and funky!
Simply Mel said…
Warm, sunny and beautiful - my three favorite things!
Fantastic view! I like the hotel too. Lucky you!
Amber said…
so delightful! i just linked to you on my blog too btw.
Oh, I love those photos....wish I were there!
Yoli said…
Lalita esto es una belleza!!!!!
Beyond chic .. .
tres surreal.
SE'LAH... said…
WOW! I want to be there. Thanks for taking me with you.
Relyn said…
WOW! Oh my. I am so glad you were able to enjoy such a beautiful break. And. You've given me something to dream about.
Jeff Shattuck said…
You can almost smell the salt air in the photos. nice.
Joyful said…
I do adore the sea. I live near one but these days seldom actually get close enough to hear the lapping waves :-(

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