Sunday fleamarket in Almuñecar

Since december, the fleamarket is on again in Almuñecar on the coast.
It used to take place every first sunday of the month
and now it's every sunday.
It used to be a huge market and quite interesting,
so I was a bit disappointed yesterday to find less sellers.
Hopefully with time, it will grow....

Depuis décembre, le marché aux puces a repris à Almuñecar sur la côte.
Il avait lieu le premier dimanche de chaque mois
et maintenant c'est tous les dimanche.
D'habitude, c'est plutôt une très grande brocante avec plein de choses intéressantes,
mais hier j'étais un peu déçue de trouver beaucoup moins de stands.
Mais espérons qu'avec le temps, ce marché bougera un peu plus.

And it's always very nice to come to the coast when the weather is sunny and warm
Et c'est toujours agréable de venir sur la côte lorsque le temps est beau et ensoleillé

Have a sweet start of the week
Un très doux début de semaine à vous

and ps :
yes, my new pastel party favors are now in my shop
oui, ma nouvelle série de boîtes-cadeaux pastel est dans ma boutique


Kitty Shepherd said…
Oh how funny I drove past the market yesterday it looked very busy, we had a Harley Davidson rally on the beach in Salabrena maybe you saw a lot of noisy bikes go by?
Elisa said…
What a fun way to spend the weekend! Did you purchase anything? I love the last photo with the palm trees, and those huge rocks in the distance!
rochambeau said…
Hi Lala,
Happy New Year to you and your cher. Well not so new anymore!

It's pretty where you live! Thanks for taking me to the flea too!

I always seek out flea markets when I travel... somehow, the cast-off items seem richer in another country -- the best souvenirs come from flea markets!

Merci, et bonne semaine,
Susana said…
I love mercadillos!
gymhalama said…
Yes it would be more successful if it were as before on a Saturday and only once a month. It conflicts with Nerja not far away. Never mind, one day someone will get it right.
Mélanie A. said…
Des antiquités en Andalousie , cela parait parfait pour moi . J'espère que tu vas bien

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