Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tea party

When is the last time you and all your girlfriends got together and talked talked talked and ate cakes non stop? I’m a busy little bee but I love baking for my friends. I hosted a girl only tea party before Christmas and feel this is the right time for another fun tea party. You know what it’s like, in January everybody feels a little bit down (even in sunny Andalucia, I assure you) so why not pamper ourselves with pots of tea and cakes!

In the meantime, I leave you with some pictures of tea-scaping

Photos taken at my friend Gym’s barn which was converted into a tea room for a few months

And my favorite of all….(referring to the pastry…)

Photo taken at “pâtisserie Adamo” (a French pastry shop in Gueliz district) in Marrakech last September

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet happy monday

Today was too beautiful a day to stay indoors. So when a friend called me up and suggested we should have lunch outside, I happily forgot about the work coming in and the tedious chores of de-cluttering I'm into at the moment.

Follow me along this road. No need to rush, you’re in Andalusia...When the sun shines there is always time for a nice walk. There is always an excuse for hanging outside, because houses are cold inside.

Peace and quietness, that's all we need on a monday, don't we ?

My friend and I decided to meet up at the Alqueria de los Lentos restaurant. A snug little place on the road going up to Niguelas.

The sunny terrace is quite inviting....

...and the pink bougainvillea adds a luxuriant touch at the entrance....

Mercedes and Paco, the owners of the place decorated the bar with all sorts of antique wooden tools and copper objects which contribute to the warm rural atmosphere.

It is nice to sip a glass of red wine surrounded by all these objects from the past.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Carlos Aires

I wish I’d know more about young Granada born artist Carlos Aires.

I went to see some of his work a few months ago in a little gallery in calle Arteaga in Granada. He presented a series of laser cut vinyl records resulting in amazingly precise and delicate silhouettes.

Fiery peacock

Ecce homo

A very precise contour indeed

Delicate Japanese stylized flowers

I like the James Bond girl attitude

ps: the gallery made no objections while I was taking these pictures. However if you intend to use these photos please do mention the name of the artist.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunny lazy monday

I dedicate this post to all of you who feel lazy on mondays (like me), who love a nap in the afternoon (like me), who want to spend mondays in the sun (like me) doing nothing, more or less.

Alas, today is like another working monday. My business partner woke me up on messenger, in big red capital letters: Wake up! Job coming in. He ruined my beloved siesta by sending me a 30 p translation work about the ethical code of the company xxx.

Please don’t squeeze me like a lemon. Today is such a bright sunny day…The sky is blue and hello yellow !

Yellow has always been one of my favourite colours. I love this shade of yellow from Keacolours papermaker. I use it a lot to make notebooks and albums or...shoes. I agree with you, shoes made with paper won't take you anywhere. I make them as a prototype just in case I would be able to make them for real one day.

When I came to Spain, I started a series of "little theater scenes". This is the torero:

This outrageously flashy yellow captured my eye at the last Almuñecar flea market and I wonder why in the end I didn’t buy this top.

But then I found this Zara dress of a former collection at the Nerja market for....2 euros. You have to see it when it's worn. It's quite a beautiful dress.

For me, yellow is essential to happy homes…I made these cushions for one of the sofas in my living room.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Have a great week end

Each saturday, I bake cakes for a restaurant. This is my relaxing hobby-job.

Have a great week end !

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Andalusian inspiration

Wouldn't you like to write on these colorful notebooks?

I get inspired by the bright colors of southern Spain: sunny yellow, passion red, sea blue enhanced with a slight Moorish touch.

Each piece of my stationary collection is entirely handmade. I cut out little windows on the cover, adorn it with brass thread and pearls.

I will post pictures of other pieces (cards, albums, collages) from time to time for you to see my work.

I also design bags.

Wouldn’t you like a bag like this one to carry your picnic when sunny days are here again? It reads in big colorful letters: love, flower...All you need....

Think pink when days are cloudy.

I inserted love poems by Pablo Neruda on these chic handbags designed to hang around in town.

If you like one of these bags, you will find them in my little Etsy shop…which is coming soon !

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Style me pretty in black & white

I spotted her immediately among the funky crowd on plaza San Nicolas. How cute is that? Still I wonder does she really enjoy her toy/accessory ?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Urban picnic

What am I doing: a street performance ? Well…kind of…I'm all by myself on the pavement. (Monchéri is taking the picture).

You can't see it but to my left there is the entrance of a small bar-restaurant cum terrace called Café au lait, on Paseo de los Tristes in Granada. The terrace which you can’t see either is on the other side of a street, a big nice sunny terrace at the foot of the Alhambra.

We stopped there last Sunday to have some lunch and as the terrace was full, we first ordered some drinks and brought two stools outside to sit, then ordered some food and brought a little chair outside to use as a table.

This is what I like about informal Andalusian lifestyle, you could almost picnic anywhere.

This day was one of those perfect sunny days in Granada, with barely any cars passing by in the street. Blissful. A nice-looking guy is playing some very nice music on his guitar.

Another nice guy,

(well…actually Monchéri looks as rough as me that morning), thanks him for making the day so enchanting.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A place to spend the night....El Ladron de Agua en Granada

Last Saturday was the King’s night (la noche de los Reyes) and we decided to spend it “quietly” at El Ladron de Agua in Granada. This charming hotel is a 16th century mansion, facing the Alhambra, on Carrera del Darro.

It has been named so after a poem of Juan Ramòn Jimenez “the water-thief”. We discovered this hotel last year and completely fell under the charm of its beautiful surroundings and very special magic.

Once again we felt quite privileged and thrilled to open the heavy wooden door.

A spacious courtyard open to the sky and with marble columns invites you to sit down while sipping a glass of wine and watch the stars at night. Next to it is the library where you can read comfortably or have access to a computer. Otherwise wifi connection is provided in all the rooms.

In the middle of the courtyard, a smooth oval fountain of grey marble whispers a peaceful sound of water.

The water silently flows from the oval surface to the marble floor.

An elegant corridor covered with an oriental rug leads you to your room.

The rooms have no number but are named after the poems of Juan Ramon Jimenez or works by Federico Garcia Lorca or Manuel de Falla. Our room was “El sueño de Isabel” (Isabel’s dream). All the rooms are simply decorated with white walls, terracotta floors, wood ceiling and furniture. Yet the atmosphere is warm and very cosy.

The white cotton bed linen is a treat after having taken a bath in the Jacuzzi bath. Monchéri wouldn’t wake up….We enjoyed the touch of lavishness in the bathroom. A complete high quality bathroom pack awaited us in a neat basket, including this nice butter gel for the body..Mmmm....We also wrapped ourselves with delight in the white cotton bathrobes.

11 in the morning…I call the reception and ask if by any chance it’s not too late to have breakfast served in our room. But of course not! says a charming voice at the other end. I like the wooden tray but may be an individual teapot would be chicer?

I enjoyed every little detail: the customized correspondence set, paper pad, pencil and envelopes. I thought my brand new necklace – created by my friend Pilar – would look nice on the engraved leather desk blotter reading the hotel’s name.

El Ladron de Agua : Carrera del Darro nº13 – 18010 Granada – tel : 958 21 50 40


This hotel is member of the 2 select hotel clubs : Rusticae and Relais du Silence-Silencehôtel

(photos of front, door and corridor are from the hotel's website)

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