Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday night fever in the Lecrin Valley

Last Saturday, was all about having fun and get ready for a 80's disco party. Our friend Rosie celebrated her 40th birthday and her invitation mail said it all: glam it up baby...And so did I in a chiffon mini dress in pastel shades of blue and high heeled strassed sandals. Ready to party baby, yeah..…

She and her husband Jonji live in a charming village called Niguelas, not far from my village. A former music producer and a former actress, they created a yoga retreat in beautiful surroundings. As usual, we're late. Monchéri and I are slow in dressing up and gift packaging. And rushing does no good to me. I forgot my camera at home. a bore. I so wanted to show you pictures of our lovely hosts and my beautiful girlfriends. But look, I tried to do a little sketch of Rosie in her first 80's grown up baby doll outfit.

The glamorous girl changed twice during the night and her lovely hubby as well. Jonji was less eccentric in his garment choice, elegant Chinese pajamas with a cow boy hat.

For us, the little artistic bunch in the Lecrin valley outside Granada, Rosie is the epitome of glamour chic. A blond, very tall girl with the complexion of an English rose. She's gorgeous, funny and full of life and we were all sad when she made up her mind to leave the valley and settle in Aix-en-Provence which happens to be my native town. She thought food and culture would be better there and in the end decided life was sweeter in our sunny and quiet valley.

Her birthday party was meant to be a big thank you to her friends: I love you all and I don't want to leave you ! and even if we started to be slightly sleepy at 3am, Monchéri and I didn't want to leave. As soon as we got there, we felt the warm tide of love and joy of meeting new smiling faces and dear old friends. I had the feeling I spent the whole night, hugging, kissing, catching up with friends I haven’t seen for ages.

The scene was perfect. Young pretty girls with long eyelashes were offering drinks with a bright smile. The garden has been transformed in a chill out zone with sofas and chairs. Women were glittery and so happy to dance, shaking their bare shoulders. Men had twinkles in their eyes and were so happy to dance. I must say Jonji was an ideal DJ. We danced on the grass by the pool. We danced in the living room under the spotlights. A friend called Emma, alias Miss Punkett was projecting giant images of flowers or vivid psychedelical shapes on a wall. The music was loud but it felt good. I’ve never been to Ibiza but it felt like being in Ibiza. When my feet claimed for a little bit of rest, I went to lie down with Monchéri on a secluded terrace covered with Moroccan rugs and leather poufs and cushions. We were in love, perhaps a bit more than as usual because the night was exciting, because of the bubbles of Spanish champagne, because everybody was so naturally happy.

Jonji insisted we visited the lower garden to catch better views of the hills nearby and maybe see a shooting star. It was so dark, we barely avoided the cactus barring the path. I was still taking off some tiny thorns, this morning, but never mind, it was fun. We watched the stars, someone pointed at one and said it was scorpio. We waited for a shooting star, ready to make a wish but alas not one was in view.

Up there, the party was going full swing, Rosie had changed clothes and was now wearing a long black satin dress, low cut in the back with a red feather boa. Some girls threw away their high heels and were now dancing bare foot on the grass. My friend Susie joined us and sat on the oriental cushions. So impeccably elegant with her long black gloves, a vintage black dress and flowers in her hair. For me Susie is like a twin sister of my friend Gym. She's an interior designer and a sculptor. She just finished decorating her house in Granada and I can't wait to see it and show it to you of course. I need to talk to you urgently, she said, about a project you would love! And because it’s just a project for now, I won’t say anything more except that it has to do with fashion and that yes I love the idea. Another friend, the happy owner of a lingerie shop down on the coast asked me whether I’d model for her again. Monchéri laughed but was secretly pleased. Antonia, a lovely painter friend asked if Monchéri and I could cook a couple of days for a music producer in a nearby village. We already did it 2 years ago and we loved the experience.

Oh my! can this be true or are my friends pleasantly victims of the continuous flow of Spanish champagne ? But yes, they sound bloody serious...We even talk about money now.

- What you say ? How much do I want to model this time?

- Oh my God…The Bee Gees ! Love it….Let me see…make it ****, no ? is it too much ?

- Well we'll see…come on let’s dance!

I can't believe Gym is actually dancing on Saturday night fever under the disco lights. Rosie, the dancing queen of the night welcomes late newcomers, goes back dancing and singing, takes up the mike to start a very funny speech in a Hollywood style. Thanks so much for being here tonight...I'd like to thank my agent, my producer.....We laugh and clap and shout We love you Rosie!!! I think we forgot to bring the cake with the candles but what does it matter. We danced a little bit more, thinking we've got the whole day tomorrow or rather what is left of it to rest. Even tired, I didn’t want to go home. I dragged Monchéri in the kitchen and there we stayed kissing and laughing by a bowl of basmati rice.

Oh…what do you want more from life?

Friday, June 27, 2008

A happy story of bags

Do you remember some time ago, a long time ago..I announced on my blog : youpi ! I opened my shop on etsy! I'm so happy to tell you : youpi! I sold my first bag on my etsy shop!
this little jean bag above with the smiling pin-up girl. And you know what makes me so happy? It has been bought by a Spanish man who stumbled on my blog while updating some infos about a restaurant in Granada, he liked the blog, then looked up my etsy shop, (which to be honest is very small indeed), liked my bags and decided to get one for his girlfriend in Ireland. Ah...the cool side of blogland and will never cease to thrill me....

My happy bags story originates in Spain. When I settled down here about 8-9 years ago, I was only designing cards, stationary and packaging. Progressively, perhaps because of the sunny weather, which greatly helped me in being always full of beans and inspired, I started to make bags, by hand, since I didn't have a sewing machine. I love sewing by hand, so it didn't matter really. Little by little I sold one or two bags to a shop on the coast, a few in Granada. I was dreaming, I had ideas....I found a fabric supplier near Alicante, a bag maker in Ubrique, the town of leather and bag manufacturing. And one day, off I went to the Prêt-à-Porter show in Paris to present a small collection of handbags.

these are the bags I presented.
a series called urban romantic which features love poems by Pablo Neruda

I had my vinyl period which I must say isn't
really my best but is fun if you're in
for an outrageous red or pink

I also had my funky glamorous period

but the ones I will always cherish is the
1st series of bags I made by hand

Rose K.
Very me

I feel sad not to have these anymore...yes, it's stupid... I should be happy they're gone but they remind me of the time when everything is exciting because you're just starting and you don't know where it's going to lead you....
My happy bags story had ups and downs due to changes in my personal life. These last few months I kept asking myself why do I keep translating about bonds and shares when I could spend the whole day designing cards and bags! And the answer always comes right into my face. Because of finances, baby....

Still, I hope in a few months time, I'll be able to tell you another happy story of bags....

ps : José Manuel, espero que leeras esta entrada y una vez mas, muchas gracias!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday market in the Lecrin valley

wednesday is a favorite day in my village
as it's market day. Mostly all women
carry their little trolley or basket
and surely I must be the only one here taking pictures

it's not 10 yet and already it's very hot

it would be nice just to have a slice of that sandia

among the many things Monchéri promises is
the preparation of a seafood paella, provided
we have the right pan of course...the biggest one

mmm...not really my taste
and not really my size.....
cute colorful knickers may be?

curtains, baskets, hats, cushions, shoes, bags
tools, sheets, name it....

but I came here just to buy flowers...
this pink bougainvillea was patiently waiting for me
hope it will be happy on my balcony

I made a resolution to overcome my inability
to grow flowers

hope it will last.....

photos by your devoted blogging hostess

ps: to the avid readers out there....nothing to do with the market but I'm trying to find out in which book Faulkner praises the art of doing nothing. Any hint? thank you !

no, I'm not preparing a tv game....

Monday, June 23, 2008

The sweet life in Granada

Oh...what to do on a hot sunday,
too lazy to drive to the beach
too boring to stay at home, so we headed to
Mirador San Nicolas where guitar lovers
get together for the enjoyment of all

the air is still warm in the evening, we've been sitting
for a couple of hours at a terrace,
sipping refreshing smoothies

Monchéri doesn't want to move but I want
to take a picture of these charming guys

a woman spontaneously starts to dance

I'd love to join but I definitely feel too shy and too sticky!

on the other side of the square, a few men watch the scene

the San Nicolas church is next to the mosque which I never entered before

until yesterday....a young man opened the door
and told me I could have a look at the garden if I wanted to

naturally the mosque faces the Alhambra Moorish palaces.
The young man told me about a fiesta in the mosque on July 10th.
Oh...but please tell me more..Is it open to the public?
Well, give me your email he answered and I'll let you know.
How intriguing!

photos by your devoted blogging hostess
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