In a beachy mood......

Next time, you catch me saying in a mellow tone, oh...I'm longing to spend Sunday on the beach with Monchéri, please pinch my arm and remind me that a) in summer, Sunday is the worst day to go to the beach as all Granada has fatally the same idea, hence too much traffic on the road, hence too many bodies and souls on the beach, hence your little free zone of sand is considerably reduced, b) where did you get the silly idea that any kind of intimacy was possible on a crowded beach...tss...tss..stop dreaming girl !
So this is where we headed to yesterday, la playa de Salobreña which is the nearest beach from Granada. We went with a friend who simply wanted to eat grilled sardines, swim and get a sexy tan. After one hour of toasting, we thought it was high time for cerveza y tinto de verano (red wine with fizzy water, lemon and ice). Why go far...we go to El Peñon, our usual headquarter on the beach, which is unusually packed. After waiting a bit at the bar, we finally grab a seat and order espetos de sardinas a la brasa (sardins on a stick and grilled on a wood fire). Unfortunately, there is noone to grill the sardins. We can see the fire is not going . We're told the man in charge is ill. Never mind, we'll have sardinas a la plancha (grilled sardines too but not over a wood fire), raciones de patatas fritas (French fries), ensalada de aguacate (avocado salad) and grilled octopus for me.
El Peñon is a pleasant beach restaurant but yesterday was a bit crazy. Families with crying babies kept coming in, waiting for an empty table. Las raciones de patatas fritas were served first and the sardines came...exactly one hour and ten minutes after. The grilled octopus had been forgotten. Our waiter lost his head. Monchéri and our friend kept smoking cigarette after cigarette until the avocado salad made a triumphant appearance on the table. In the end, we laughed at the whole thing; that is until we got the bill which had various mistakes, not in our favor alas...
well...we got out of the restaurant at 5, a bit tired so we lied down a bit more...watched the kids played
I got bored so took lots of photos of parasols, here's one ....I won't bore you with the whole lot....
above our head, in the sky, some people were really having fun far from the madding crowd

I think old men are wise. They don't get toasted under the sun, they stay in the shade and play dominos...
Son las siete....ya nos vamos seven o'clock, time to go...for a drink...
bueno....creo que el domingo proximo, mejor quedarse en el campo...I think next sunday, we'll stay in the country side
it shows we're not beach addicts....see the price tag still tied to the mat? We bought them on saturday morning and didn't bother to pull them out....madre mia

pics : me, Monchéri

El Peñon on the beach in Salobreña
the chief waiter Jorge (who usually wears a red shirt) is adorable
BUT avoid going on a sunday


David Engel said…
Life is truly a Beach! Sounds like a frustrating time. Still how nice to be out with friends in a lovely environment. It was very nice here yesterday. 80s and a breeze. Today should be even nicer as it is sunny and supposed to be in the mid 70s! The birds are singing this AM as I have my delicious coffee. They sound beautiful.

Merisi said…
Have you returned the mat yet? ;-)

Lovely pictures, great to look at and enjoy, especially since I had to brave neither beach crowds nor waiters with a math defiecency - thank you for the pleasure! :-)
Yoli said…
Lalita yo ubiera estados con los viejitos jugando dominos! No me gusta el gentio. Linda photo de ti, eres tan preciosa.
sealaura said…
looks like a lovely day! I love the picture of the men playing dominos, what sweethearts.

saludos de california!
I love your shots of the bright blue sky - and the sardines and octopus sound yummy!

An uncrowded beach is a thing of pure joy. We love the Oregon coast, but it's too cold to swim there. When we visited Barcelona a couple of years ago, it was still too early in the season for getting into the water. But this summer, we're off to Isle of Palms, SC! Bliss.
Oh I hate when there are other people at the beach! But I enjoyed your photos and look forward to more weekends in the country. You look adorable, by the way.
Hah! you not being a beach addict hits a familiar note! When we're on the beach, we're too well dressed!! Though we love the sand and the sun.
Enjoyed the pics. Thanks.
Linda Sue said…
Beautiful shots of blue sky umbrella and sail. Your lunch sounds like the service we get here ALL THE TIME! Our beaches are rocky and cold so the population usually goes to a lake- beaches are empty- you could come here next time you yearn...
Lala -

Even your "trouble in Paradise"
is beautiful ... .
thanks for including the pic of the striped parasol. I adore them and
never get to see them!

What can you say, everybody loves the beach! I do prefer the more quiet days myself, and when I do drive out to the beach on a weekend I go in the late afternoon. It looks so wonderful though.
Anairam said…
I live right next to a beach but I seldom spend time there - although I like walking on the beach I am not really into sitting in the hot sun too often! Oh, I hate it when a lunch turns out like that - and then, on top of it all - to have errors on the bill - nooooooo!!
Anonymous said…
Loved the pictures! They are all very nice. Thank you!

Greetings from Poland,
I'm sorry it was not as bucolic as you had hoped, but it sounds like you still had a nice time as ever!
rochambeau said…
At least "this time" we got to see all the colorful photographs! Thank you for thanking us along Lala!

Niki said…
Hmm, the only reason that you're not a beachy person is because you haven't seen how amazing the beaches are in Australia! ;) They would convert you!

SE'LAH... said…
Thanks for taking me along on your beach excursion. I feel so much calmer now.
Claire said…
i would have to agree that i too prefer remote beaches in low season.

as for poetry reading and recital... i think it is one of the lost forms of art that needs the most reminding. it is certainly not old fashioned.
Jennifer said…
what an amazing, beautiful place, so so far away from me! I love your pictures,makes me feel as if I am there for a moment...
I think that this is one of the first times I don't feel jealous. We've had such a good weather these last few days that I had forgot completely we were in GB, the land of fog and drizzly rain. Thanks for your fantastic photos and yes, you're right. Sundays are the worst days to go to the beach in Granada. I remember from my last time there that we went on a weekday and it was so different. We had almost the entire beach to ourselves.

Greetings from London.
Carla said…
I love your life! Thanks for sharing it with us. I love the beach and those little beach cabanas and the old men playing card. Lovely photo of you. Carla x
Indyeah said…
beautiful pics :))
(as usual)
sunny weather and the company of a loved one :)
what more could one want?:))
you look like a darling in the pic:))
Christina said…
; ) You did get some beautiful pictures from the day.
Mélanie said…
J'adore aller à la plage , j'adore manger dans un restaurant sur la plage. MAis tout cela est compliqué en semaine , car je travaille , mes seuls jours de libre sont souvent le dimanche . Et tu as bien raison , je déteste cette ambiance mais je n'ai pas trop le choix .
Parfois , pour tout de même profiter de la mer , je me lève tot , et je vais nager le lundi matin quand il n'y a personne même pendant les vacances et ensuite je prends un bon petit déjeuner au bar de la plage ....Je comprends ta frustration.
M.Kate said…
Great shots Lala...havent been here for a long time and have missed all your wonderful posts.
pranksygang said…
oooo! the pictures are gr8 ! i loved the first shot a lot! superb beach!
Bee said…
The words say one thing, but the pictures say another! It looks FABULOUS!!! (I agree with Cuban in London; I would be sick with envy, but we've actually had a run of good weather lately.)
Simply Mel said…
I am so happy to have found your blog! The sunny post and stories of Spain make my fog-filled days in San Francisco seem a little bit brigher.

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