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Monchéri and I were quite happy at the prospect of doing some painting this past week end. But we had an unexpected guest : the rain...again... So, adios limewashing and hello books organizing ! Do you remember this little bookroom I showed you a few months ago ? Well it didn't change much except that I did some book spacing yesterday.
This is before....
And this is after...
I replaced the white bonbonnières on the folding little tables with two wooden wine crates filled with a few favorite books. I love wooden crates and I cherish my books and the combination looks funny and pleasantly vintage market. Monchéri just objected with a smile that it barely leaves no room for a glass on the coffee tables. Well, but isn't it nice to grab a book while having your coffee too?
Books are our old companions and they deserve to be protagonists in a room landscape.
So I like to mix objects and books on nearly every surface, in all the rooms.

The collage on the left was made by my sister, still waiting to be framed
Here is one of my favorite plays Long day's journey into night placed next to a book of sketches by Garcia Lorca
Music stands are great too for books scaping. These are part of a set of 12 books on history of music. Each cover is beautifully graphic.
Talking about books and scriptures, look at this very pretty cushion which I was very lucky to win some time ago at blogging friend Agneta's give away. It is the creation of Swedish designer Elizabetth Henberg (Design by E). Thank you Elizabetth !

And I got doubly lucky because Agneta sent me another lovely surprise : this adorable mushroom which is now dangling around my neck. It is designed by a Swedish company called Plain Vanilla which creates very pretty things. Thank you Agneta !!
Wishing you a great start of the week ! Incredible but it's raining here...well... perfect weather for more reading!


Loui said…
Lovely post!
I adore books!
and treasure them!
I would much rather have a rainy day in Spain, curled up with a book..
than watching SNOW falling ..
that is what will be happening here in Denver tomorrow..
warmest hugs..
Linda Sue said…
Oh I so covet the mushroom! You are a brilliant stylist- glad to see your camera back in action! LOVELY! Great box idea!!
Susana said…
Oh Lala, your house looks beautiful! Great style! Me encanta el music stand con esos libros tan deliciosos sobre la historia de la música!
We have had rain, rain as well and unseasonal cold temps so you aren't alone. Looks like the most lovely room to curl up in when the outside isn't cooperating, you made good use of the rain day. XO
Joyful said…
So sorry for the rain Lala. We were expecting rain again today after a few days of sunshine but coolish weather. I was so happy to see the sun today instead. The rest of the week is supposed to be sunny but one never knows these days! I love your book scapes. I love books too but I think your collection is much more artistic in content and display than mine :-)
Rain was unexpected guest this corner of the world too! I love how you chose to display your books ...! Wishing sunny days ahead for everyone...
Well, so much for those sunny Andalusian days I mentioned earlier! But the great thing is that you get to spend the day in this lovely, lovely room. I like your crate idea very much. The entire room and your collections are so personal, so you, and so inviting. Wonderful floor, too! Sounds like you're off to a good start this week. Have fun!
Catherine xx
DolceDreams said…
Hi Lala! I think you are going to have the most beautiful summer ever after all of your rain! I love books too, and have them everywhere. I especially love older books, the new ones don't quite seem the same. I just received boxes and boxes from my Grandmother, which included a set of Encyclopedia Brittanica from the sixties that I wanted...I need some rainy days to find a home for them in my house :) Perhaps you should come visit the land where it never rains and help me with your talented eye!
Have a wonderful week,
JCelestial said…
You have a wonderful home :-)
Diana said…
lovely! your home has such a serene feel!
Patricia said…
Ahhh, the rain in Spain...
Sounds as though you had a very cozy weekend and maybe it was fun. Love looking at book titles, always!
Irene b said…
che meraviglia! Ma veramente vivi in un posto come questo?Anche io amo i libro e questo è un modo carino ed informale di esporli!
Ottimo suggerimento!
Anche qui pioggia... Argh!
studioJudith said…
Lala -
I vote for the wine crates... .
your touch of the petite herbs is perfection, nestled in the books.
It's so good to visit your parlour
Sara said…
Lala, your home is so stylish...books just add to the interest of it all. You can't have too many books, as long as they are books you love (that is my motto)!

The little silver mushroom is wonderful too.
Bonjour Lala, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, really appreciate it and I'm happy to now have found your blog. It looks so stylish and I love the books in the wood box. I know I'll be back and I'll have to catch up on you past posts. Love from London x
Mélanie A. said…
en parlant de giveaway, j'ai écrit une note sur un joli giveaway ...Peut être que tu seras encore l'heureuse gagnante
Inspirational home. I love books too. The debate over the tactile book being dead and the ebook being the now doesn't address how much people love the sensuality of the tactile book.
Anonymous said…
There is nothing better than sitting down with a great book.
What a warm and welcoming house. I adore books. They are my constant companion in daily life. I always have a book with me. The books pictured here are so inviting;-)
Nina said…
Great post! I am a book lover. I love how you display them so beautifully while making them easily accessible. It's easy to stuff them all on some shelves and forget about them.
Don said…
Thanks for the home view! Such style!
Finds said…
Wonderful post.
Love how you re-did the coffee tables.
Always nice to get a fresh take on things and inspire others in the process.
And that necklace in just incredibly adorable.
rochambeau said…
This room is W O N D E R F U L!!


Bookscaping! What a wonderful word. I would decorate more with books, but I have a toddler and an infant in the house. For now, at least, our treasured books must stay packed tight in shelves or stacked on surfaces out of reach of young, tearing hands and chewing little mouths!

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