A comfort pancake menu for a happy friday....

Please forgive my rambling about the weather but it's chilly and windy here in the south of Granada...again..So instead of getting some sunshine, we're having a total pancake day to cheer us up. Monchéri prepared batter for sweet pancakes and I prepared batter for savory ones with ham and cheese. I suddenly discover that pancakes are like potatoes : never really boring and they can be prepared in so many ways. In short, my latest addiction!

Lunch with a ham and cheese filling. The béchamel is not really necessary. I added lots of grossly chopped parsley in the batter.

Dessert with poached pear and melt dark chocolate
To make it look interesting, I tied it like an aumonière.

Oh...yes, I think I could have more than one!
but I'll wait tonight...yes because it's pancake bis for dinner too....bis repetita placent...
Enjoy your week end my lovelies !
Our plan was to go to Cordoba and visit the flowered patios but the weather is so uncertain, we'll wait until next week.

A big THANK YOU to my new followers!


Joyful said…
The pancakes look so delicious. I love these kind of crepes. Too bad you couldn't go to Cordoba because of the weather. I hope it improves soon. Big hugs xx
Kay said…
mmmm....crepes! thanks a lot... now that's what I want (wasn't sure what I was craving before) but doubt I'll find them down the road I'll take today...

mmmm... but now I know what I'll get when I get back to my own territory... :) Happy Weekend to you!
Wow, great job, it looks delicious! I love pancakes and it is interesting to see how other people around the world make them. Your photographs are lovely!
Susana said…
Wow... I want the pear and chocolate one!
sinnlighet said…

I'm on my way ;)

Lots of love dear Lala


Ps. about the puppy... bad news, I will tell you later.. Ds
Ah, you are teasing our senses with toothsome pancakes:-)
I'm a new follower, too. Happy weekend and enjoy!:-)
Anonymous said…
I look forward to your Cordoba trip. The patio tour is top of my list of reasons to visit Spain (not that i need an excuse). In the meantime I will be enjoying cold London and Iberian dreams!

sinnlighet said…
Forgot forgot forgot to ask...

Tomorrow, I would like to make a Lala-collage, on my blog, with some of your darling pictures. Ok?!!

Yes yes yes, i will link back to Spain ;)

Scrumptious. I'll have one of each, please. You are a pancake master, Lala!

Nina said…
Wow this all looks AMAZING!!!! I wish I could cook...
sinnlighet said…
Godmorning Lala, take a look please! /A
Spangle said…
Yum! The pancakes look delicious, particularly the chocolate and pear ones!
I'm getting on a plane a heading over for lunch...that looks so yummy! We will have to give it a try here ... great idea if having people over for brunch ... love the way you used the pink ribbon to make the little pancake purses. Have a great week-end! hope it warms up for you.
Linda Sue said…
Ok, now you have blown my diet for good! All look so very enticing, delicious. MMMMM, I wonder if you could tie them up with something edible- a noodle perhaps or a string of sting cheese? MMMM Must go eat a head of lettuce now, keep me out of trouble- I know that if i started making crepes i would not stop eating them.
Mélanie A. said…
J'ai jamais pensé à ajouter du persil ou d'autres ingrédients dans la pate , tu m'as inspiré. Le dimanche matin quand je ne travaille pas , j'adore en préparer et Mon chéri ( le mien) adore que je luis fasse flamber
Sara said…
I can almost taste them! That last one looks especially delicious.
rochambeau said…
Your crepes look de~lish! Your cherie is one lucky cherie!

How sumptuous! I am craving a ham and cheese pancake now. What a wonderful idea for a chilly day. I like your cheerful mix-and-match of ceramics, too.
PK Studios said…
Yummy yummy yummy!!!! Thanks for sharing : ) You've inspired me to try to cook something new! Cheers. Penny
Anonymous said…
This looks delicious.
La Dolfina said…
OMG can your posts be any more scrumptious!!!
I love the way you and your husband cook and eat in Spain!!!
Your blog is such a happy place :)
mmm this looks soo delicious,,I havent made crepes in so long,, oh and I absolutely adore the bow one,, just perfection!!

What a wonderful blog you have here.
I will be following :)

Agus said…
Preciosos platos de porcelana!!!
y que paquetitos más ricos, hmmmmm!!!

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