My simple room on the roof terrace

It's such a joy to have sunny days back again
and to make a room of my own under the blue sky
even if it's ephemeral because alas
we might have rain this week end

Quel plaisir de revoir les beaux jours
et de se concocter une chambre à soi sous le ciel,
même si elle éphémère parce qu'hélas
il pleuvra sans doute ce week end.

oh well, never mind, this afternoon I could at least
stay there for a while, enjoying the peace

tant pis, au moins j'en aurai profité cet après-midi

It didn't take lots of things to make up my room,
I used an old Laura Ashley sheet to cover the bed.
A very long lace coat makes for a romantic headboard.
I tied a bouquet of fragrant herbs to it.

Pas besoin de grand chose pour ma petite chambre.
Un vieux drap usé Laura Ashley sert de couvre-lit.
Un très long manteau de dentelle se transforme en tête de lit.
J'y ai attaché un bouquet d'herbes aromatiques.

Just a few cushions, flowers, a bit of lace
to hide the ugly formica and a couple of
cute headdresses from the 50s bought at a charity shop in Salobreña.

Quelques coussins, des fleurs, un peu de dentelle
pour cacher le formica pas très joli et des jolies
coiffes des années 50 achetées à dans une boutique caritative à Salobreña.

Right now, it's too chilly to stay on the roof terrace after 7pm
but I can't wait for tomorrow
to be in my ephemeral room
to enjoy the tea hour and my book...
my little selfish pleasure !
(and then in a few days, I will have to transform the space again
because I forgot to tell you that the only tapwater
on this floor is right behind the lace coat.
So, of course it's not very practical!)

Après 19h, il fait trop frais pour rester sur la terrasse
mais je retrouve ma chambre éphémère
dès demain pour savourer l'heure du thé et mon bouquin...
mon petit plaisir égoïste !
(et puis dans quelques jours, je devrai tout changer
parce que j'ai oublié de vous dire que l'unique point d'eau
à cet étage est juste derrière le manteau en dentelle,
pas très pratique évidemment!)

Wishing you a wonderful week end.....

pics : me


Joyful said…
Too bad practically infringes on romanticism in this case. You've created such a lovely room and I'd like to go there and enjoy a book too ;-) Have a wonderful weekend my friend and thanks for dropping by my blog. Hugs xx
Diana said…
So gorgeous! I'm envious of your lovely hasn't arrived here yet. Enjoy!
onesilentwinter said…
beautiful how lovely would it to read and fall asleep to the scent of lavender and the sound of the birds,
lala ~

this is my absolute dream space. in fact, you have made my mind wander and i'll try and re-create something so sweet for me and the crumb to share during afternoon siestas. of course you already know how much i adore the way you live life...

bon week-end my friend.
Sara said…
It is charming and beautiful...I love all the flowers and lace. Your post looks like it belongs in a decorating magazine. Enjoy your weekend, Lala! You sure know how to make life beautiful and enjoyable. Ah Colette! I have not read many of her works, but I do own (and adore) three of her works: My Mother's House, Sido, and Break of Day. Her writing is so goes well with your rooftop room.
Gina said…
Dear Lala, Who cares if it is not practical. Makes it even more special. Absolutely charming. So like you to invest all this time even if it is only for a little while.
Wow this is an adorable room . I can just imagine being curled up in or on the bed with a book . It is such a fantastic way to live .. Have a super weekend too. Bisous Anne
Ahhhh. A good book and cozy throw, and you might just find me there in the morning!
ileana said…
Sounds heavenly. The perfect place for a cup of tea and a good book. Enjoy yours! I love how you've decorated the place, chica! Una belleza, really.
Anonymous said…
What marvellous shots of a lovely room.
Kristin said…
Oh my goodness, it is BEAUTIFUL, Lala!!!!! So dreamy!

Gillian said…
Wow you carved out a beautiful space up there. What a retreat!!!
Christina said…
what a beautiful place my friend. and to read a book... it will beautiful.

i send you love.
Caroline said…
Magical - rain, rain stay away..!!
lila Check said…
so gorgeous!!! the simplicity and the romantic nuance of it!
What a perfectly lovely space! Wish I was reading there now. Thank you for sharing this.
Mélanie A. said…
quel endroit propice au rêve
Simply devine, Lala. You have a gift for nest building. I hope you have a sunny weekend on your roof with Moncheri.
Catherine xx
maría cecilia said…
Lala!!! qué lugar soñado y romántico te has creado!!! Realmente un sueño, me ha enamorado de los pies a la cabeza, hermoso, bello, precioso!!!!!! aahhhhh

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