Saturday, October 22, 2011

Paris part I - the wedding at the St Vincent de Paul chapel

When I arrived in Paris last friday, I found my darling cousin Touve very busy and a bit stressed. But that was normal. Since last summer, he's been writing some music for a wedding which took place last saturday at the St Vincent de Paul chapel in the sixth arrondissement, near Le Bon Marché. He was very excited at the idea of creating something special for a French-Colombian wedding. My cousin and I talk a lot on the phone and this project had been mentioned a lot in our past conversations. So much so, that Touve bought me a flight ticket to be there on his big day. You can imagine how thrilled I was. And also very touched because it was his own particular way of saying thank you. When I left Paris for southern Spain, some years ago, I introduced my cousin to one of my former customers, an event designer who presented him to the bride and groom. They both fell in love with Touve's music and commissioned him the music of their wedding religious ceremony. My cousin believes that in everything we do and receive, we must be thankful and give back. I love him for that. And I was so happy to be there and listen to his beautiful creation. I do hope he'll send me a recording so that I can share with you !

Quand je suis arrivée à Paris, vendredi dernier, Touve, mon cousin chéri était très occupé et un peu stressé. Mais rien d'étonnant à ça. Depuis l'été dernier, il a composé une musique pour un mariage qui a eu lieu samedi dernier à la chapelle St Vincent de Paul dans le 6ème arrondissement près du Bon Marché. L'idée de créer une composition spéciale pour un mariage franco-colombien le passionnait énormément. Mon cousin et moi passons beaucoup de temps au téléphone et ce projet était devenu entre nous le sujet du moment. À tel point que mon cousin m'a acheté un billet d'avion pour que je puisse être là pour son grand jour. Évidemment, j'étais aux anges. Et aussi très touchée parce que c'était sa façon à lui de dire merci. Il y a quelques années quand j'ai quitté Paris pour le sud de l'Espagne j'ai présenté mon cousin à un de mes anciens clients, un organisateur d'évènement qui l'a présenté aux futurs mariés. Ils sont tombés amoureux de la musique de Touve et lui ont commandé la musique de leur cérémonie religieuse. Mon cousin croit fermement que pour toutes les choses que l'on fait et reçoit, on doit être reconnaissant et rendre la pareille. Je l'aime pour ça. Et j'étais si contente d'être là et d'écouter sa magnifique composition. J'espère qu'il m'enverra un enregistrement pour la partager avec vous !

Have a wonderful week end !

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Joyful said...

It looks like a fabulous venue and a fantastic wedding. How great that your cousin was able to write original music for the wedding and so nice of him to remember you through it all. I like that a lot!

Loui♥ said...

I CAN imagine just how beautiful was the ceremony and the special accompanying music!
To be the invited guest,travel courtesy of your obviously gifted, talented cousin has to be one of your most cherished of memories..
did you pinch yourself to be sure this was reality ..
and not just a wonderful dream?..
congratulations and continued blessings to you and yours..
thanks ever for sharing the beautiful photos..

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

What a talented, kind, and generous cousin you have. The gift of 'Paris' is beyond words. (I've been gifted with it, too. I don't think anything could ever top the excitement for me.) Looking forward to hearing more.
Catherine xx

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Your cousin sounds like a keepr Lala! What a lovely gesture and such a fu and meaningful way to spend time together XO
Beautiful church!

Sara Lorayne said...

That is such a beautiful place for a wedding. I DO hope we will be able to hear your cousin's special creation for the event! Thank you for taking us there and I'm looking forward to more of your Paris visit/

Scarlet said...

I love the way your cousin thinks and that you were able to attend the wedding you've heard so much about (and get to hear the music LIVE!). You both have beautiful souls...and that chapel ES UNA BELLEZA!!

aguja said...

I remember your cousin from an earlier post. How wonderful to be asked to compose music for a wedding.

My comment is that you are so blessed to have one another.

The photographs are beautiful.

studioJudith said...

Lala ... .
Such a delight to visit your always elegant world again. Hope you've been well and had a lovely summer -


Kristin said...

What a wonderful place to get married!!!!!!!!!

Kristin xo

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