Paris : on the roof of the Opera Garnier

Since I came back, things are a tiny bit chaotic. My computer is being whimsical again.
My neighbor is complaining about our common stone wall (a Kafkaian story) and me instead of feeling the easy relaxing Andalusian vibe, start stressing about deadlines.
Change of season may be ?
Anyway, just for now I'll forget about the plumber who was due at 5pm
and take you to the Opéra Garnier in Paris !

Depuis que je suis rentrée, y'a comme du chaos dans l'air. Mon ordinateur n'en fait qu'à sa tête.
Ma voisine se plaint de notre mur mitoyen en pierres (une histoire kafkaienne en perspective) et moi au lieu de me laisser ramollir par les douces vibrations andalouses, je commence à stresser sur des histoires de délai.
Ça doit doit être le changement de saison, non ?
Mais, pour l'instant je laisse tomber le plombier qui devait être ici depuis 17h et je vous emmène faire un tour à l'Opéra Garnier !

My cousin Touve, a delightful being, is pianiste répétiteur for the ballet of the Opera.
(In English, I think, it's rehearsal pianist).
Believe me, it's a super cool job, when the ballet goes on tour, hop, my cousin goes too...Super, non ?
Has it been your dream, as a little girl or little boy to be a "petit rat de l'opéra" and do
pointes in one of those rooms ? Me, yes !

Mon cousin Touve, un être délicieux, est pianiste répétiteur pour le ballet de l'Opéra. Croyez-moi, c'est super cool comme job, quand le ballet part en tournée, hop, mon cousin part aussi....Super, non ?
Avez-vous jamais rêvé quand vous étiez petite fille ou petit garçon d'être un petit rat de l'opéra et de faire des pointes dans l'une de ces salles ? Moi, oui !

My cousin is very crazy, charming, full of energy and talent and fantasy. He also laughs a lot like me.

Mon cousin est très fou, adorable, plein d'énergie et de talent et de fantasie. Il rit aussi beaucoup comme moi.

Clic clac dans l'une des plus grandes salles de travail

Snapshot in one the biggest work rooms

then we hopped through one of the windows

et hop, on s'est glissé dehors par l'une des fenêtres

to see Paris from the roof of the Opéra

pour contempler Paris depuis les toits de l'Opéra

Mon Dieu, que c'est beau Paris quand même !
isn't Paris wonderful !

I wish you a fantastic week end and leave you in company of my cousin at the piano.
I forgot to tell you that besides his job, Touve is also a composer and an organist.
In this video, he also talks and he's very funny ....Enjoy it !
( in this video he plays one of his "hot piano fantaisies", James Bond meets J.S. Bach)

Je vous souhaite un week end fantastique et vous laisse en compagnie de mon cousin au piano.
J'ai oublié de vous dire qu'à part son job, Touve est aussi un compositeur et un organiste.
Dans cette vidéo, il parle aussi et vous verrez il est très drôle...Ça vous plaira sûrement !
(le morceau interprété ici est une de ses "hot piano fantaisies", James Bond rencontre J.S. Bach)


Patricia said…
Thank you for taking us up to the heavens! Wonderful photographs and what a wonderful musician your cousin is...the posting is so rich!
Lala, oh la la!! First you look like an angel standing outside that Opera Garnier window -- how rare to be able to do that (envious for sure!). I loved all of the photos and am sending this to my (former) balerina sister.

Second, your cousin is incredibly talented and witty. When I read about his job as pianiste répétiteur for the Opera ballet, I thought that he would have to be excellent to have that position. After listening to him and watching his performance I am even more convinced! Bravo!!

When I was in Madrid 2 weeks ago I saw Corella Ballet Castilla y Leon's El Lago de los Cisnes (neither Angel nor Carmen performed that night).

Sorry this was so long but I loved this post, Lala!

Susana said…
OMG!!! What amazing photos and visit... and we would love to meet your cousin one day!!! Sebastian would love to play with him!
rochambeau said…
Hello dear Lala,
You and your Cheri look so fine in the studio & upon the rooftop too!! I like your outfit! Did you make?
ALSO Your cousin Touve, sounds like a great man! His job sounds dreamy. I like reading about how you and he, both love to laugh!!

Joyful said…
I absolutely love your photos. I think your cousin is very handsome and talented also. It looks like he is indeed funny but I'm afraid I cannot understand French :-( Enjoy your weekend, Lala :-))
Delightful, Lala. What a charming innovative (and fast!)musician your cousin is! I love the photographs, too. Paris is lovely- especially the architectural detail you captured on the buildings. (We have been dealing with our own plumbing issues!)
sacramento said…
Me encanta Paris, el único problema: los precios. tan, tan caro para nosotros.
Estuvimos sólo 3 días; aunque los disfrutamos a tope. Y volveríamos mil veces si el bolsillo lo permitiera, je, je.
Preciosas fotos.
gracias por comentar en mi blog.
Un abrazo fuerte.
renilde said…
I enjoyed your Paris-posts so much.
Paris is Paris,a world on its own,the history,the elegance,the spirit of all those great people who lived there and made Paris what it is; an experience.
You look so beautiful and happy,great!
This is a wonderful post, thank you for taking me to Paris. I had a magical time;).
Spangle said…
Fabulous! Great post and photos as always.
Anulka said…
I'm loving opera and ballet for..., I don't remember how long. I've just come back from Barcelona and I'm full of positive energy, passion and ... pictures. Gaudi, Picasso, Miro and other... .
Your photos are wonderful, your words about your cousin so nice. Oh, I'm dreaming about Paris... .Hugs!
Kristin said… exciting!!! Wish I could do the same thing! Have a lovely continued weekend!!! xoxo Kristin
Kristin said…
Lala, I'll count you in my giveaway. I won't pick the winner until tonight:) I live in Norway and we have real autumn here with windstorms and everything. But also lovely autumn weather of course! Have a great day! xx
Fer said…
Bonjour, I love wedding and parties, I am from Brazil and we have AMAZING DESIGNS check my blog, I will be following you.

aguja said…
How fantastic to have shared this insight into such an amazing building and the talents of your cousin.

You were so wise to choose to give us this post rather than stressing over deadlines.

Your outfit is so pretty, too, .. trés chic - do they say??
Salut Lala, so good to finally be back online... What a fantastic life and talent your cousin has. Loved all those posts about Paris...need to go again, I miss it... Hope your week will be good. Love from London xo
Delphine said…
Lala, on croirait que tu sors d'un film de Largo Winch. je viens de publier un deuxième billet à ton sujet et il y en aura surement d'autres !
What an exciting time you had! I'm listening to your cousin as I'm writing this...He get's down! Such a talented family.
Wherever you travel you always bring a new and fresh insight into your destination..It makes for the most interesting posts. Thanks, Lala.

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