I believe in tomorrows which sing....

....."je crois aux lendemains qui chantent".

....."je crois aux lendemains qui chantent"....I believe in tomorrows which sing... this is what I wrote in my journal this morning without knowing really why. Perhaps because, I had to pay some bills today and needed an extra dose of enthusiasm to do so ! But I prefer to think that I wrote this because for the first time in many many months I feel truly at peace with myself. I've stopped trying to give myself impossible goals to achieve at all costs. I've stopped telling myself, yes but.... I've stopped thinking I should limit myself to do just one thing. Because, let's face it, I don't believe we're meant to do only one thing in life. For a long time, I thought my happiness and balance depended mostly on my recognition as an artist or designer. Today, I know it's not entirely true. There's another side I forgot about. A few days ago, I remembered this scene from one of my favorite movies, YoYo Ma - Sarabande by Atom Egoyan. Yo Yo Ma, the famous cellist gives a masterclass and interrupts his student, the actress Lori Singer and tells her : "When you play....try to think about what you do to those who listen to you...think about that...". I've always loved this quote and perhaps even more today because it's something I would like to focus more this year....to pass on happiness through creativity....Do you believe in that ? I do.... :-)

pic : me


Bonsoir Lala, your words just lifted me up and made me smile. I know so well what it's like to always chase goals and never feel like you can quite relax... To wake up and truly feel at peace is wonderful. I hope this feeling will stay with you for a very long time :-) Bisous et une bonne soiree xo
Milena said…
También creo que el fin de la creatividad es transmitir sentimientos o paz o felicidad... supongo que es agradable el reconocimiento pero es peligroso para uno quedarse ahí...
Tus tarjetas de corazones son muy alegres y bonitas. Como todo lo tuyo me transmiten una inmensa dulzura.
Joyful said…
Absolutely I believe in that. Creative people always lift me up by their works and imagination and inspire me to do more myself.

Let your creativity soar, and sing, dear Lala. You have many talents :-))
Sara said…
Yes indeed...creativity was meant mostly for that in my opinion. Not only does it satisfy the one who creates, but it makes others happy. Like these sweet little hearts you have created...I adore them!
nieves said…
que bonitos corazones, de esos detalles que te alegran el día! Besitos
Gina said…
Dear Lala, So glad you have arrived at this place in your life. You are a beautiful artist. Create what you love best and change your ideas as you see fit. I love your little hearts.
Lala, your words are inspiring as are those of Yo Yo Ma... happiness through creativity. Perfect!

Those hearts are precious!

Caroline said…
Definitely - I do believe! And definitely, you are doing just that!
Tarjetas en forma de corazón un buen detalle,son preciosas.
Feliz fin de semana
studioJudith said…
I believe we create because ... .

Someone once told Oscar Wilde they considered his writing genius - he brushed it off and replied that he would never waste his genius on his work .. . that genius was reserved for his life.

YOUR life is your most precious and unique creation - thanks for sharing it here with all your blog friends & fans !

Anonymous said…
What a wonderful way to approach creativity - as a way to pass happiness from one to another. I also love the paper hearts you photographed!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful way to approach creativity - as a way to pass happiness from one to another. I also love the paper hearts you photographed!

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