Cuesta de la Valdesa ....or a saturday routine

each saturday takes me to Cuesta de la Valdesa
outside my village, to deliver a cake
to a restaurant called El Chambao de Vizco

everytime I pass by I marvel at this terrace
and its bright red and pink flowers

I only wish I had a green thumb but alas.....

it just needs a little bit of patience and love
to watch vine growing and flowers graciously falling
down an immaculate wall

and sunshine....naturally....

.....and the red wheel of good fortune

the fountain is my last stop
before arriving to El Chambao de Vizco

Rocio the chef is busy cooking
so we'll meet her another time....promised!

Have a lovely monday!!

edit to post
: with much reason Mélanie from Le petit cabinet de curiosités asked me : and where's that cake ?? So here it is .....It's orange because it's made with oranges.
It looks definitely like a tortilla because there are eggs in it but no flour....Interesting isn't it ?

et voilà... the almond and orange cake
and you can find the recipe here in a former post

So...Have a lovely sweet monday !!

photos by your devoted blogging hostess


Mélanie said…
I haven't seen the picture of your cake ??
And can't wait to see the one of the chief ..
The flowers look terrific !
Comme j'aimerais être là bas
Oh the cake is lovely....I can almost smell the oranges scent.

That terrace with all the looks like a flower shop, so many flowers!

Lovely images and lovely sunshine; thank you Lala.
Vanessa said…
Lala, you outdo yourself every time in the "brightening up your readers' days" business!
Mélanie said…
Ca a l'air si bon, je vais essayer de le faire
Gillian said…
Lala, I love your colourful life!!!
And that cake...I'll have to give it a whirl!
Sara said…
What a wonderful wall of flowers. The colors are so pretty. I remember that cake; I made a note when you first posted the recipe. I haven't tried it yet though....but one of these days.
Vanessa said…
PS. Lala, thank you for the "comment of solidarity" on Burma. Much appreciated!
rochambeau said…
Love the house and the riot of blooming flowers! Looks like a Spring party to me! Guess what Lala?
I'm making a cake in the next few days for a bridal shower. We are so very much alike. One day I hope you, Melanie and I will find a way to meet. How are your cards coming??

M.KATE said…
another wonderful post, always dreamy, always nice, happy weekend :)
Kathy said…
I am dying over these lovely pictures! And that cake....oh my oh my. What a wonderful world of inspiration surrounding you. I adore Spain.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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