A romantic hideaway in the Lecrin valley

I always feel so blessed when my friends
invite me for lunch especially if it's a promise
of joy and relaxation in beautiful and peaceful surroundings

Do you remember my friend Gym?
Apart from her studio and her antiques shop
Gym made herself a lovely little hide-away
in the countryside, what we call here a cortijo

and she loves organizing little friendly lunches
and of course I'll never miss one....

once arrived, you can't be mistaken
yes, this is Gym's door

simplicity at its best

I can't wait for the day when we'll make use
of the big paella frying pan

for the moment, let's keep it simple
grilled green peppers will do

come on everybody
lunch is ready

have a little bit of everything

prawns, olives, potato salad

tomato salad with anchovies

mint tea anyone, with a piece of carrot cake ?

mmm.....yes please !

it is so simple at times to see la vie en rose

you just need a room of your own

a room with a view

Gym decorated her bedroom cum sitting room
in natural tones

I like how she placed the sunburst mirrors

The bright embroidered fabric was found in
Portobello for 100€

indoors, outdoors
so nice to be so close to nature

photos by your devoted blogging hostess


Vanessa said…
That looked like a fabulous lunch! And what a nice home your friend has.
kyh said…
I love the cave-like feel! Just like those houses in the Greek islands! I love the decors and wonderful colours! And those food just got me drool!
Yoli said…
Lalita que belleza! Cuanto diera por una invitacion a tan bello lugar. Tienes tan buenos amigos. Disfruta tu fin the semana amiga.
Beautiful rustic at its best. Earth tones, lively colours mixed with soothing palette of nature...

Your friend has made a beautiful retreat for herself, her home has a lovely decor scheme.

The luncheon she served looks delicious; I think I'll take a little of everything...and maybe seconds of shrimp.

Life in Espana is so beautiful, Lala....
karina said…
beautiful place!
do you write 3 differnts blogs?
Mélanie said…
I would love this place ! It is lovely , the embroidered fabric is suzani ???
I love it and it was very cheap !
Thank you for this tour
Relyn said…
Oh, I have missed you!! I have been away because my comptuer was broken. Imagine my pleasure to come back to such a gorgeous collection of beauty. Thank you for including us in your lovely luncheon.
Sara said…
Just beautiful....simple and yet luxurious with peace and comfort!
onesilentwinter said…
What a wonderful place and what a lovely time you must have had. I love the title of your blog it instantly makes you dream!
Lynne said…
all these posts i've missed! SUCH BEAUTY!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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