Campo de Principe in Granada

When you walk down from the Alhambra,
you reach a little plaza called Campo de Principe.
This is where Granadinos like to hang around during week ends

I was about to say, no cars are allowed on that
little plaza but rules are so easily broken sometimes

the aperitivo hour is coming soon and tables need to be ready

I joined some friends for a drink and here is Vernon
bringing a few tapas to our table

please meet, from left to right,Vernon, Nola and Luis.
"If you introduce me, just say I'm former in anything but definitely former" Vernon said.
Ok, so Vernon is a former TV producer for C4, ITV and BBC1.
His girlfriend Nola is a garden designer. They left the London skies
to settle in a sunnier country and are very happy of their move.
Luis is a foodwriter specialized in Andalusian food.
If you're interested in the garum* sauce, he's your man.
He just published his last book on aphrodisiac food.
so he's definitely the guy to talk case you need to prepare a special dinner
Oops...and Vernon is also on the verge to finish a guide
of the best tapas bars in Granada.
nice to stick with him as well....

the restaurant next door is by all means
very colorful and attractive but Vernon's verdict was
final "they serve better food where we are, stop being a snob".
See the people standing, waiting for a table...

I wonder whether they use the dried red peppers

next time, I'll ask the owner if they ever clean
the little plates on the wall and tell you!

as you know, music is essential to spread the joie de vivre

¡Feliz viernes!
Happy friday

*Luis explained it to me, some time ago as he did a lecture on this precise topic. But I'm afraid I don't remember it all, so if you happen to develop a sudden interest in garum, here is its description in Wikipedia:

Garum, also called liquamen, is a type of fish sauce condiment popular in Ancient roman society.

For Romans, it was both a staple to the common diet and a luxury for the wealthy. Garum appears in most of the recipes featured in Apicius, a Roman cookbook. The sauce was generally made through the crushing and fermentation in brine of the innards of various fish such as tuna, eels, and others. While the finished product was apparently mild and subtle in flavor, the actual production of garum created such unpleasant smells as to become relegated to the outskirts of cities so that the neighbors would not be offended by the odor.

When mixed with wine, vinegar, pepper, oil, or water, garum was served to enhance the flavor of a wide variety of dishes, including pear and honey soufflé, boiled veal, and steamed mussels. In addition, garum was also employed as a medicine and as a cosmetic. Ancient Romans considered it to be one of the best cures available for many ailments, including dog bites, dysentery, and ulcers.

May be you're asking yourself : was it known to be aphrodisiac? I'll ask Luis

photos by your devoted blogging hostess


Stephanie said…
OH!!!! That building with the little dishes, just wonderful! Just fantastic!

Your little corner of the world is just the best, great to have friends that know their tapas!!

Another beautiful post, full of pretty pictures and tempting food.... I must say that I think the use of barrels as tables is very picturesque. And the adornment of the know, obviously the Spanish respect this, as I think here where I live, walls like this, covered in dishes and ornament, would be vandalized. I suppose Spain is more civilized! Especially since you live there...

Your friends look so happy in their adopted (sunny!) land...
Sara said…
This post makes me want to jump on the next plane and visit Granada, where people decorate the facades of the buildings with beautiful crockery and where music, wine, tappas and sunshine rule the day and night. I'm dreaming....

(But, I have to say "no thanks" on the garum sauce! Unless I don't know that's what I'm eating - smile!)
Yoli said…
Lalita me emborrachas con tanta belleza mujer! Vives en un pais majico.
tangobaby said…
I am going to have to stop drooling over your photos, your stories, and get me on a plane to Granada.

It's very hard to concentrate on my job right now with all of this loveliness before me. But thank you for the distraction--I really love it all.

I want to try the fish sauce, too.
P said…
Life in Granada looks very civilized indeed...
willow said…
Oh yay!! More of those wonderful little ceramic plates on the walls. I absolutley love that! So charming and unique. Wish I was there to share some delicious food and wonderful music at the outside cafe with you.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a fun place to hang out with friends. I'm interested in that aphrodisiac book. ;-)

rochambeau said…
What a beautiful post Lala! What nice company you keep! Before your blog, I had never seen plates hung on the outside of houses before. It makes me so happy to see.
The dried peppers is something you see everywhere in New Mexico, Arizona and in Texas too. I like how they look.
Rf. my studio. That is a GOOD DAY!
Happy weekend to you and your Cherie!
kyh said…
Oooh lovely buildings! Decorating the exterior walls with dishes... Amazing idea!
Vanessa said…
Lala, we're in the same continent finally!

I'm a major fan of fish sauce, which is common in Southeast Asia. I don't know whether I would refer to it along the lines of an aphrodisiac, but perhaps there is something about it I've yet to discover.
karina said…
The expresion Joy de vivre describes your blog!!
l'air du temps said…
bon jour Lala, i visited Granada twice some years ago, and each time of course i felt like such a tourist. i wanted to know places where i can spend time that are authentic, not touristy. when i visit your blog and read your words i feel more and more that i can get a better sense of Granada, the food, the drinks, the happenings. we're so fortunate that you share your beautiful Granada with us. Gracias...

it looks like you had a wonderful weekend with friends. the best.
Lynne said…
divine! and the tapas post left my mouh watering!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
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