Like a lazy cat at les Deux Tours in Marrakech....

Oh dear...I'm in the mood to go back to Morocco again. The good thing to live in Andalusia is that the Moroccan coast is not so far and you can quickly immerse yourself in the enchanting and exotic atmosphere of Marrakech. The reason of my first trip there was the wedding of a friend several years ago. Quite a lavish affair which included a few days of partying with champagne directly travelling from Paris to the Palmeraie (a big palm tree area) in the outskirts of Marrakech.

An enormous and luxurious villa had been rent for the occasion, belonging to a high official. At that time, I was with an ex-boyfriend and we had made the trip from Tangiers to Marrakech by bus. A long, tiring journey which left us completely exhausted by I had insisted on seeing the country and for me, seeing the country means travelling by bus or by train. Soon, we were revived by a series of delightful lunches served in the patio of Les Deux-Tours in the Palmeraie.
This very special hotel, designed by architect Charles Boccara seemed to me an oasis of peace and the kingdom of cats....In my future life, I would like to be a black cat and stay at Les Deux-Tours.....Then I would be able to push open all the doors.....

and discover the different little houses which are part of the hotel

this charming man explained to me
what is the tadelakt (the traditional Moroccan lime coating)

sadly it was time to leave this heavenly place
and the following day, another party began....
Hats for women and linen suits for men

the bride made a spectacular entrance on a horse followed by musicians

and a memorable feast took place until the bright hours of morning

we all then parted to sleep and dream of tales of Moroccan
princesses and palaces lost in the desert.....

since then I did the journey many times, to accompany my friend Gym on a quick buying spree, for her antique shop. Our French Moroccan friend Atman is the chief commander of the trip. He takes us to the most impossible places to find what Gym wants. He drives his van recklessly and knows how to calm down a strict police officer who stops him on the road. Once we've arrived in Salé near Rabat to pick up some furniture, he suddenly says we need to be in Fès in a few hours to meet a special artisan. We sometimes sleep in the van to be first in the morning in a specific market in the country side. The haggling takes hours but is actually a fun game to play with the seller as long as you stay smiling and a cucumber I would say...

oh...dear...when is the next trip?

photos taken by the ex boyfriend


Vanessa said…
You're looking mighty fine, Ms Lala! I am loving that sundress!

I have Morocco on my wish list, too. Soon, soon..!
Lala, you are so beautiful! Like a model in all the photos, they look like Vogue magazine. I hope you go back to Morocco soon, its sounds like you need a Marrakesh fix....

For me, I will enjoy the photos and visit Elizabeth's blog for that Moroccan atmosphere!
Elizabeth said…
What beautiful pictures by the ex-boyfriend!
Yes, Morocco is, indeed so wonderful and visually exciting.Hope you get back there very soon indeed!
Lynne said…
you look fabulous!
karina said…
Que viaje divino!!!
Que linda estas en las fotos y que cara de felicidad!Me encantan!
Mélanie said…
these phtoos are great ! You look gorgeous on them and I love the bride on the horse!
May be I should be married , but only if it is in Marrakech
somepinkflowers said…
oh, lalalal!
this is WONDERFUL!

i don't know
when you will go again
to marrakech
but when you do...

take more glorious photos.


why do the colors look so bright
and alive there?
i long to visit the place myself
but it is soooo far away
i have had my long-airplane-travel
for the year.

why don't you hop over
and enjoy it for us?

[ i am ~so free~
with your time and $$$
:-) ]
tangobaby said…
I love the photo of you in pink with the hat! I am glad to see that the ex left you with some gorgeous photos of yourself, and a wonderful story to share with us.
willow said…
Beautiful, beautiful photos!

Thanks for visiting over at my place today! I keep forgetting to visit, so I am adding your castle to my blogroll right now! :D
kyh said…
What an exotic yet fantastic wedding! Morocco is on my list too! Some day.. some day... ;)
karina said…
Useuna de tus fotos para la entrada de Feliz fin de semana.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…

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