A blogging love letter....

Whenever I get a comment on my blog, I feel so pleased, excited, touched. Some of you even made me shed a tear. Oh I’m sure you feel the same (assuming you're a blogger as well). At times I laugh, other times I want to reply immediately and then work takes on and I have to postpone. I'm not too sure who invented the blogging concept but boy, isn’t grand ? I feel connected to so many of you. I love the good vibes and inspiration you give me when I read you and I feel so full of beans when I read your words of encouragement about my design work. Do you know it really helps me not to be too critical with my own work ? Yes, I’m one of those desperate perfectionists. Lately a few of you made me the honor to give me an award. And today, I'm all smiles, feeling happy and yes, you out there my dear blogging friends are the cause of this exuberant happiness !

So today, I would like to send all my heartfelt thanks to :

Willow of Life at Willow Manor for having given me an Arte y Pico award last week end

Mélanie of Le Petit Cabinet de Curiosités who gave me the same award 2 months ago

Lavinia of The Birdbath Chronicles for giving me a 5 blogs that make my day award

Relyn of Come sit by my fire for giving me the same award.

Kristen of Kristen’s brainstorm for giving me the same award.

Paz of Paz’s New York minute for giving me a You make my day award.

I think I’m supposed to pass over these awards but please forgive me, if instead I feel like thanking all of you who have been supporting me with your kind and sweet words. I never had the opportunity to express my gratitude to you, who visit me regularly and actually make my day and also kindly added me to your blogroll : Sara, Elizabeth, M.Kate, Constance, Vanessa, Audrey, Tangobaby, Stéphanie, Some Pink Flowers, Kyh, Gillian, Tara, Lynne, P., Robin, Marjolijn, Susan, Yoli and of course the lovely ladies above.

A very special thank you to Karina and Charmaine for featuring my bags on their colorful design and fashion blogs. It was great fun to see my work on some one else’s blog. Can I please ask you to visit Charmaine when you’ll have a bit of time. Her blog Beautiful things to share is fairly new and it would be nice to support her.

Christina, welcome to my blog and I’m glad I made you smile. Little Sloane, I was very touched by your comment. You know, I am very proud to have a 6 year old reader. I am quite impressed you have your own blog about the books you like and I'm sure your mom is really proud of you. You asked me the meaning of my name. Lala means beloved in Malagasy (the language spoken in Madagascar). Yes, I'm happy my parents gave me that name!

Vicky, thank you for your lovely comments. I’m so glad to know you live in Granada. I can’t get back to you on blogger but if you ever want to meet for coffee, please, don’t hesitate and send me an email !

To each one of you, you are a pearl in this so amazing, intriguing, fabulous blogland…..

and to all my silent readers...It was hard to feel your sweet presence at the beginning but now I know you're there and I want to thank you for reading me....

With much love......


willow said…
What a touching and heartfelt letter! Your sweet Lala self is truly evident here. You are entirely welcome. Your lovely blog is so worthy of these little tokens of our appreciation.

Willow x o
P said…
What a sweet post! You deserve every accolade -- and more!
rochambeau said…
You deserve it all Lala! You are a sweet and talented one, that is for sure. I adore you! I first met you because of Elizabeth during the door posting. I'll never forget!
Sara said…
What a beautiful expression of appreciation - thank you for your kind words, Lala. I, for one, always enjoy coming to see and read your blog, which is consistently interesting and lovely and fun. You have an unerring eye for what is classy and beautiful, as your designs show, and you add a touch of whimsy now and then that is delightful. I know I'm not the only reader of your blog who will say you are indeed Beloved, in more ways than one!
charmaine said…
Lala,what a beautiful letter.i truly appreciate the words spoken from your heart. it is my pleasure to continue to be a fan of your beautiful work. i never thought that blogging would be such a blessing in meeting people like you. one of the amaizing things about life is meeting new people and i must say, i'm glad you cross my path. your personality is truly a gift from God. you seem to have a great positive influence on people. i appreciate your comments about my blog,thank you. keep inspiring the world Lala, one day at a time.

Happy Bastille Day!
Very nicely expressed...your warm heart really comes through in your words and dreamy pictures. You deserve all these awards, and more.....
M.Kate said…
Dearest Lala
What a beautiful post :) Blogging brought me many wonderful friends, like you and we learn something new every time in each and every unique blog. Comments are important as it lets the person know that you've been there. YOU definitely deserve all those awards and I see many more coming :)

Have a great day and hugs always :P
Mélanie said…
Merci à toi !!!!!!
Tu le mérites tant !
et cette blogosphère est fantastique !!!!Mon cousin part aujourd'hui pour Malaga, dommade qu'il n'ait pas trouvé de la place pour moi ..
l'air du temps said…
dear beloved Lala, it is the first time i have heard of, or read or experienced 'a blogging love letter.' i think that you have created a beautiful idea once again. (i adore your pearls and flowers on crinkled blog love letter paper:) indeed you've done good girl! the words and sentiments you have shared lifts even higher my already joy filled heart. thank you so much for the care and love that you share. all your awards are so lovingly and genuinely earned by you. congratulations!
Vicky said…
¡Hola Lala!, Muchisimas gracias por tus amables palabras, espero que entiendas español ( a mi el Inglés se me da muy mal), ¡ojalá podamos vernos pronto!, yo vivo en La Zubia, a 5 Km de Granada, tengo una Casa Rural (Laurel de la Reina )por lo que me es difícil desplazarme, pero tú estás invitada cuando quieras.
Estas son mis direcciones:
Mi tlf: 958590557
Yoli said…
Lalita que bella! Gracias, tu siempre eres una inspiracion.

You are a breath of fresh air and you deserve all of those awards and so many more. Love ya pretty lady.
tangobaby said…
Hi Lala,

I loved reading this post and it's clear to many of us that you're kind and fun and talented and that's just part of why we come back to see you often. It's also so sweet to read your happiness that comes out in every word here.

Adding you to our blogrolls is just another way of sharing your specialness with others who haven't discovered you yet.

Congratulations on your awards, all well deserved.
paris parfait said…
Lala, congrats on all your well-deseved awards! It's always a pleasure to visit you and your lovely blog. And I hope one day to see you in Granada! For now, am off to San Francisco. Will catch up w/ you soon. - Tara xo
somepinkflowers said…
awards galore
hope you receive
many, many {tons} more!


my thanks to match*maker constance
for knowing
i would enjoy your blog,
your style,

i keep coming back
to see if you are selling
those *perfect* white cotton sleeping gowns...

Christina said…
Oh I am over here crying happy tears from your words. You deserve those sweet awards and more. I adore visiting your blog and seeing what's going on in your world : )

So happy for you : )
Sloane Lawson said…
Dear Lala,

Thank you for talking about me in your blog post. And for linking to me. It made me feel really, really, really happy. I really think you are so nice.

I hope you've had a great summer. I really like your name and what it means. My name means strong protector or warrior in Gaelic, but that's not why my Momma picked it. She loved the sound of it and it was my great, great, great grandpa's last name.

Do people say your name wrong? People say mine wrong all the time. People call me "Sa Low N" and "Slow." I really don't like that. It's "SLUH OWN" Lala seems pretty easy, but I bet people mess it up.

Look on my blog at my links. I have a link that you will probably like. I've got to go. Please talk to me soon. ~ Sloane
Relyn said…
Lala, my friend,

Thank you for your sweet spirit; also for your links to Sloane and I. You have made both our weeks.

Only you would think to write a blogging love letter. That sweet gesture has your fingerprints all over it. What a wonderful, heartfelt post.

Thank you for the beauty, pleasure, information, and fun you bring into our lives with each post. Thank you for your sweet friendship most of all.

Blessings, ~ R.
Robin said…
What a sweet letter and then you for the mention and the link.

And I did make the olive bread and it was a huge hit! It was a bit moist and hard to slice nicely, I think it needed a bit more flour. I am going to make adjustments next time I make it - I will keep you posted!
JoJo said…
Lala, I am a first time visitor to your blog and I was trying so hard to focus on your post and read the kind remarks you shared but I was so distracted by the pearl edged coasters.

I did go back and focus on your message realizing that we are so blessed to be able to connect and share with others worldwide thanks to the internet.
Anonymous said…
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