Never on the beach without my Spanish AD

I used to buy huge quantities of magazines - mainly decoration - Côté Sud, World of Interiors, Maison Française, AD, Elle Décoration, Marie-Claire Maison, Vogue. And when I settled in Spain, I gradually had to give up as it soon became a ridiculously expensive habit. When I'm in France, I still occasionally buy French magazine Côté Sud as it features beautiful houses and places, anywhere in the South and the very interesting and informative art review L'oeil which a designer friend recommended me. Since a couple of years, I got hooked to the Spanish edition of AD and I love it !

this morning I had breakfast with the
last issue july/august featuring Spanish designer
Jordi Labanda's house in Formentera.
I love the mural he painted on the dining's room wall.

and on the verandah too.

la cabaña of French decorator Jacques Grange and
antique dealer Pierre Passebon in Portugal. Oh..yes !

I include this photo although you can barely see what it is about
this page shows samples of fabrics designed by Spanish artists
in the 50s for famous Spanish fabric maker Gaston y Daniela

Do you also take a pile of magazines with you
when you go to the beach, or just
the book you're reading right now ?

or just your solar cream...

photos from Spanish AD - july/august 2008

the 1st photo is me and my sis on the beach near Valencia, some years ago
and actually I was already a fan of AD


karina said…
Me encanta Ad spanish, es una de mis favoritas, aca es carisima pero es un gusto que me doy.
Cada vez que voy a la playa llevo un bolso lleno de revistas y libros.
Que divina la foto de ustedes dos.
Otro tema, se que existe kate pero no se si alguna vez vi una foto de ella.
somepinkflowers said…


i work in The Library
so i read all the expensive travel magazines THERE.

then i go to the big Barnes & Noble bookstore on sunday
and read the fashion & interior design mags THERE.

i DO buy some arty ones
i am trying to zen my house
i have separation issues with expensive, glossy zines...

how do you get them out of your house in a nice manner?

{{ at the beach i read a book
or do sudoku and watch the yummy Hunks }}
willow said…
I know what you mean about magazine subscriptions becoming an expensive habit. I've had to cut mine down, too. I think I would love Spanish AD, even though my Spanish is minimal.

Fabulous picture of the two of you on the beach! I'm having beach envy.

Love the painted murals!
Vanessa said…
Lala, so nice to see you catching the rays and living the good life! Have enough fun and frolic for the both of us, please! :-)

I love my books too much to bring them to the beach, where the pages will most likely get soiled by sunscreen, sand and water. (Then again that does add character to them, no?) As for magazines, I'd bring a Vanity Fair, The Economist, Time, and National Geographic with me, though I do have some guilt over printed glossies...Those trees that laid down their lives so I could get my geo-politics/culture fix...
JoJo said…
Your magazine habit made me chuckle! I WAS buying a ridiculous number of magazines but a small group of friends and I have formed a magazine club. We each subscribe to different publications then we circulate our magazines when we finish reading ours. In all I get to read about 12 different publications a month but I only subscribe to 3. It is such a cost saver. Those of us on the circulation list are really considerate too. Magazines make the rounds within 4 weeks. If you see a publication that you want to keep, you simply tag it and asked that the magazine be returned to you (first come, first served). The publishers probably don't want to know about this but we are conserving paper and saving money.
Christina said…
Hi Lala,
I love magazines. They are my one habit I keep just for me, each month : ) I haven't heard of the ones you mention, although they sound devine : )
rochambeau said…
Sounds like heaven. The beach and Magazines!
Makes me feel peaceful reading this.
I think you will like Rowena
Have a creative day!

Elizabeth said…
I used to take lots of reading matter to the beach but ended up not reading it.
But I love glossy magazines.
Our daughter Claudia Schmid works for Sunday Times Travel magazine from London.
It's a great magazine for planning holidays etc.
Greetings from NY
Sara said…
Your magazine addiction is shared by many, including me...but like you, I've pared back on my subscriptions as they do get expensive.

AD is always full of such beautiful homes and decor isn't it!

My sunbathing days are long gone I'm afraid, so no luxurious days in the sun reading a book or magazine. But I still enjoy the beach for walks and photos..
l'air du temps said…
oh Lala, you have no idea. today i decided it's all too much as i recognized that i was carrying my purse and a bag of about 5 or 6 books and magazines together. i love 'em. so i promised myself since they are so heavy i can only carry one book or magazine tomorrow. which will it be?

i enjoy many of the magazines you mentioned. did you know that now there is a cote paris? the bookstore here has a cafe, i choose my favorite magazines (it is allowed to read without buying), buy a nice cup of tea and read for a few hours.

you and your friend on the beach are ... cool!

have a wonderful weekend.
Mélanie said…
I take a whole truck to go to the beach with my magazine !! I like AD !
In France , I sell some Gaston y Daniela's fabrics , but I didn't some artists worked for them !!
M.Kate said…
I have to read magazines and here the imported ones are very expensive, but I still need to have it, especially at the beach!! or else I'll be bored!!
Robin said…
I just went to the beach today (we had to leave early though, it started to get cludy and then the thunder began!). I always bring the book I am reding and 1 or 2 magazines, today it was Marie-Claire and an Anna Quindlin novel, but I barely read anything as we just sat there talking the whole time.

And I love JoJo's idea about the magazine club, I will have to try that.
LL said…
Hello Lala, I have been away from the blog world for a little while, as you know. Now I am catching up. I made your olive cake again today, for the second time, since my brother was coming for dinner, and he enjoyed the first time. I forgot to add the cheese! So after the cake was baking 5 minutes, I remembered, and I took the cake out and sprinkled all the cheese on the top. Then I baked it like that. The house smelled so wonderful....

I also added these herbs from my garden to the cake: basil, mint, and chives.

We ate the whole cake at dinner, with pasta.


Lala, you look so cool with your shades. In answer to your question, I am reading the New Testament these days. The four gospels and the psalms.

In the evenings, I read also from Somerset Maugham's short stories.

Glad you are enjoying your summer, dear sweet Lala!
Anonymous said…
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