A "3 old bags exhibition" in the Lecrin valley - south of Granada

Last friday, my friend Gym had an exhibition party
at her barn of some of the art work done
through the year, during the art classes at the barn.
Derisively called "3 old bags", the exhibition
showed Gym's paintings, watercolors and sketches
Caroline's paintings and sketches and
Marianne's clay sculptures

Our friend Emily, the live model painted by Gym

the "Recumbent model" by Caroline in powder
China ink and presented in a cardboard box
was much appreciated

Emily's back by Gym

little clay sculptures by Marianne

Gym has such an awesome collection of chairs...

......not very comfortable but when drunk...

....doesn't matter and yes let's be silly...

Monchéri who doesn't speak Spanish
and is always a little bit reluctant
to attend 95% English parties
(as English people here are rarely fluent in Spanish)
will never miss one of Gym's parties though
as he thinks she's the greatest woman in the world
(hem...apart from me, of course)

that night, he was quite pleased to meet some
lovely Spanish people to talk to who recently
moved from Madrid to the quiet Lecrin valley

I love the way he stretches his arms
against Gym's painting
I totally missed the point
the reclining bodies form the shape of a heart
but you can't really see it
and I was too drunk to see it properly either

I'm curious
does this painting make you feel uneasy
or think of death like some of my friends?

my favorite corner in Gym's barn is
this incredibly immaculate bed....

and...if you're tempted
the art classes are held every friday afternoon...

photos by your devoted blogging hostess
and Tim


willow said…
What a nice exhibit! Everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves. I especially like Gym's large "reclining" painting...she is a wonderful artist!
Karen Cole said…
I love the idea of " Three Old Bags" being the theme of the expedition. However, the women in the paintings don't look like my idea of "old bags". If I were the model, you would have a much better idea of the use of the term :-))))).

Lovely work.
tangobaby said…
What a great show! I love the bags on the pedestals, the sculptures...and the bed. What a nice place for a nap!

Gym's barn certainly seems like the place to be.
Christina said…
Such beautiful art! I don't think of death when I look at the picture, the colors are too vibrant.

What a wonderful time it seems you had : )
Gillian said…
Thanks much for your email and so good to hear from you again.! I've re-linked you :)
Yes, I am interested in the cards! Very much so. xox
Oh! The painting...it looks peaceful and serene and loving. Like everyone is at ease and napping.
Relyn said…
Of course you have massively talented friends. As talented as you are, they would be drawn to you. I love these peeks into your world.
Anonymous said…
Lovely-looking exhibition. I want to take her art class (even though I have no talent). ;-)

rochambeau said…
What a nice theme. ;-) Three old bags! Fun!

Your Gym is a talented and magical friend. So happy you have each other ! Looks like my kind of fun!! That's why I'm so grateful you posted this Lala! I got to come be with you at a cool party in Espana!

You looked lovely.
Did you make your dress?
Did you bring any of the food?


Hi to Votre Cherie
Yoli said…
Wonderful exhibit Lala. Love this whole thing. Cute picture of you two together!

Your friends are so talented.
paris parfait said…
Some lovely art here - seems like a fun party and great way to celebrate the artists and the models! xo
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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