About being unreasonable....

Today is a holiday but not for me alas; my translation business partner sent me what he calls a "fat baby", meaning a good over 100 pages translation due, well...soon. Naturally I welcome the money which is badly needed to carry on the design work, pay the bills and at the same time, I can't help sighing because it means I will have no time for collage making for about 2 weeks but it can wait. Everything at a time, like Monchéri says. Why stupidly rush especially in this heat ?
Yesterday, I watched him baking the cakes for the restaurant (see this earlier post) listening to Charlie Parker. As I couldn't concentrate properly on my translation work, I decided to join him in the baking activity and made a lemon meringue pie, one of our favorite treats. By the time, the pie was quietly setting in the fridge, I resumed my work or rather tried to as my brain was slightly less cooperative. Translating requires a special state of mind and naturally a deep concentration. In that, my neurones failed me and were yearning for some other kind of stuff. I soon found myself leafing through a beautiful book about Frida Kahlo lent to me by Gym, Frida's Fiestas, recipes and reminiscences of life with Frida Khalo, written by the daughter of painter Diego Rivera, Frida's love. The book compiles recipes Frida used to prepare for her cherished husband, photographs of her and Diego and some of her still life paintings and self-portraits. It also shows stunning photos of the Blue House in Coyoacàn in Mexico where the couple lived.

how beautiful is that dish ?

chiles in walnut sauce sprinkled with
pomegranate seeds

self portrait with Monkey and Parrot, 1942

I promise you more photos and recipes from that book as I know a lot of you out there are fans of Frida Kahlo (well...not really supposed to because of copyrights...) Reading this book actually made me realize how special she was, the beautiful energy she had and which obviously showed in her colorful lifestyle.

After closing the book, I did resume my translation for a few hours and felt the temptation to hire some DVD to watch...now ! I picked up 2 Spanish movies El Lobo (Wolf) directed by Miguel Courtois (actually he's French) and El Abuelo (The Grandfather) by José Luis Garci. El Lobo is based on a true story of an ETA (the Basque terrorist organization) infiltrator who during the last phase of general Franco regime in Spain, managed to bring down a quarter of the organization. I must admit my weakness for this kind of political thriller and also for leading Spanish actor Edouardo Noriega (very handsome).

José Luis Garci is one of my favorite Spanish directors. I wish he had the international notoriety he truly deserves. His movies (You're the one, Ninette), filled with cinematographic references reveal his unlimited passion for the 7th art. I will be so happy if you discovered his movies.

Are you watching any movies
in particular this week end ?

Have fun !

photos by your devoted blogging hostess

book reference :
Frida's Fiestas
Recipes and Reminiscences of Life with Frida Kahlo
by Guadalupe Rivera and Marie-Pierre Colle
published by Clarkson Potter, 1994


willow said…
Oh, that lemon pie looks scrumptious!!! Now, I am hungry for a piece. And the plate is so pretty, too.

This Kahlo book looks like something I would really enjoy. I am adding it to my "Leaning Tower of Piza" wish list stack. I adore Frida. Thanks for sharing this!
charmaine said…
hello Lala! the lemon pie looks fabulous,what a nice dessert. i look forward to looking for this beautiful book about frida, looks like a good read. her art work is absolutely beautiful, so colorful.she also had quite the imagination. i remember a movie that was done about her in 2002, played by selma hayek. she really looked like frida in that movie.i also want to say ,i really enjoyed your post about Madagascar,beautiful trees. i hope you have a lovely weekend!
tangobaby said…
Hi Lala,

I can practically taste that pie! It looks scrumptious.

There is a big Frida exhibit here in San Francisco at the MoMA, which I saw last month. I had meant to blog about it, but ended up being overwhelmed by her and her story. Some of the painting just exude her struggle, her pain and her love. You walk away being very affected (or at least I did). Not knowing what her relationship was like with Rivera, I still could not help taking her side (mentally) for all that she suffered to be in his life.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and book recommendation.
Sara said…
Frieda Khalo was a fascinating woman. Some people seem to be given very amazing lives in this world; others of us not so much.

The pie does look scrumptious. And how wonderful to have a man in the house who cooks!
karina said…
I love Frida, too!!
Those lemons pies looks yummy!!!!
Lynne said…
that book is fantastic, as was frida!
l'air du temps said…
Lala, sharing a slice of pie with you would be wonderful! it does look delicious.

isn't it funny how we have in mind what we have to do but life says otherwise, like pie baking, hanging out with the thoughts and works of Frida and film watching (Noriega is a cutie!).

in the end the things we have to do get done. and life says 'hold on... some pie first!'

hope you are taking it easy in the heat, enjoying the weekend and not worrying too much about 'fat baby.' it always gets done right?

thanks for your lovely message on l'air. my favorite color is pink! thank you so much for thinking of me!

hope you can get a little collage fun stuff done, maybe before drifting off to dream...

kyh said…
oooh lala that looks yummy!

speaking of spanish films, my school is gonna have spanish week where we, students of the spanish language classes will get to watch spanish movies and attend spanish cultural talks for several days! :D
Gillian said…
Frida's fiestas?
I must buy this book~!
Thank you!!!!!

Lovely pie there...looks delish.
robinbird said…
what delicious looking pie! i love all things lemon! it looks like according to the comments you have already that it is unanimous that we could all join you at a lemon pie eating party in spain. oh...that's right. you have work to do. too bad :( your blog has many interesting posts to explore lala. i will return.
p.s. movies this weekend... the ongoing saga at our house is Lord of the Rings...the long version.
Christina said…
Lemon is one of my favorites! Frida was such an incredible artist.

I watched Blueberry Nights with Nora Jones this weekend, I really liked it.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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