AD inspired collages

Do you me believe me if I tell you
I had a fabulous week end, staying at home?
Reading Garcia Lorca's La Casa de Bernada Alba
for the first time in Spanish (I used to read his work in French)
and leafing through AD magazine again
which gave me the inspiration
to make sunny summer collages
using a minimum number of colors and space

inspired from a collage by Yves Saint-Laurent

inspired from movie Le Mépris (Contempt)
by French new wave director Jean-Luc Godard
one of my favorite movies

this one is for girly fun

it says
I'm not just a nice dress
I also want to share your best moments

and I dedicate it to all the lovely ladies
like Karina from El Beso who are soon going
on a holiday and struggle with their packing !

As for me, one thing is sure
never go on a holiday without a nice dress
to make the good time even better to the frame maker and make more collages....
I love it !

see you wednesday with more hopefully..

photos by your devoted blogging hostess


Yoli said…
Lalita, que talentosa eres Mujer! Simply beautiful, can't wait to see more. Lala, de casualidad haces algunos que sean de tema asiatico?
Jojo said…
These are wonderful! Do you use and Xacto knife? Somehow I can't get past using the scissors but the lattice work is a bit too challenging for scissors. I am looking forward to seeing the next round of creations.

The weekend at home sounds wonderful. Sometimes after a hectic week - There's No Place Like Home!
willow said…
These are SO fun, Lala! Yes, very
Yves Saint-Laurent. I especially like this first one. Nice!! :)
tangobaby said…
You are SO talented! I adore these collages! I love love the one with the dress, but also the little theatre, too.

You make me want to watch Breathless tonight on DVD. Make some more please, they are wonderful.
rochambeau said…
Love these collages Lala!!
The colors, the softness, the images the sentiment.
Keep going!
Elizabeth said…
These are lovely.
I especially liked the pretty dress which would make anyone feel special.
Greetings from New York.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful work and such fun. Isn't it wonderful to ride the inspiration when it comes?
Bronwyn said…
These are great!!!! So lovely to meet you :)
Sara said…
They are all very good, but the dress is my favorite. I LOVE the colors you selected, and that lantern hanging from the tree make the whole collage extra special! You have a fantastic eye for shape and color and how to put them together.
charmaine said…
hello Lala! i love every single one of them. you are such an inspiration and so talented in many ways. i enjoy discovering what you will do next or where you will go. i adore the dress. what a fun and relaxing way to spend the weekend,you are a true artist!

thanks for sharing
your friend. charmaine
Karen Cole said…
These are great. The first few remind me of a Matisse collage.
M.Kate said…
These are beautiful..again from one of your many talents :)
Vanessa said…
Beautiful work, Lala. And I think that dress is indeed for "best moments"! :-) I believe it's possible to have the best time just hanging out at home. Many wonderful days I've spent that way, curled up with a book, sipping iced tea...
Jojo said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog. Yes, the book Silk I referred to is the one by Alessandro Baricco. You are the first person I have ever connected with who has read it.
karina said…
Recien hoy lo pude ver!!!
Mitad de las vacaciones y use la mitad de la ropa que traje,jaja y eso que no traje mucho!!!!
Relyn said…
Oh! I saw your girlie fun and literally gasped and said, "Oh my!" These are amazing!! Are we going to be seeing them in your Etsy shop? Please say yes.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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