Glimpses of a semi play/work sunday at home....

The good thing of being free lance is that you can work any time. The bad thing is that at times you might have to work on sundays too....Actually I didn't mind too much staying at home yesterday as long as I could take off from the computer and the translation job once in a while. Monchéri is now getting lazy at bringing churros (Spanish doughnuts) on sunday mornings so breakfast was sadly basic, Earl Grey tea and toast with red berries jam.

Next to the little breakfast table on the balcony, there's a round wicker stool with a small pile of old French Elle magazines and a favorite book on Greta Garbo, a gift from a friend many years ago in Paris. I hate rushing in the morning, especially on Sundays even if I have to work and I like to go through Garbo's black and white photos over and over again. She had so much class; I find it hard not to be mesmerized by her. She looked stunning whatever she was wearing. Recently a friend sent me a copy of Ninotchka by Lubistch and I must say it would have been great to see Garbo laughing more often in her movies.

I love this the bathing suit...
Greta Garbo and Nils Asther in
The Single Standard by John S. Robertson (1929)

I'd love to walk in the countryside in such a dress
just for the fun of it
with Robert Taylor in Camille or Le Roman
de Marguerite Gautier by G. Cukor (1937)

I wouldn't mind wearing this dress
only to hang around at home
in the Mysterious Lady by Fred Niblo (1928)

After marveling at Garbo's costumes mainly designed
by super Hollywood costume maker Adrian
I decided not to dress and keep my flimsy pink
nightie from H&M just to be in the mood
for fluidity although in a synthetic fabric

yes, I've sewn the little pearls when I bought it
to make it more interesting
its color also matches the pink bougainvillea
which blooms gracefully on the balcony

Monchéri likes to hang around in his favorite torn t-shirt
and black hat which he has to put down, now and then
as it's too hot

Always a darling, he didn't complain too much to spend sunday at home when we could be lying down on the beach or having a drink in Granada.

He was just a little bit grumpy but graciously switched to the working mood and settled to the cards making job. He was all the more enthusiastic when I told him these ones had to been sent to the lovely Gillian from Indigo Blue to sell at her spa.

So Gillian, here is a wink to you ! You can see the work in progress. We just have to fix the little glasses, sandals on the bags, then the bags on the windows and the dresses too. Et voilà !

we had tea at 7pm....
I made a génoise which was completely raté/desastrosa
well.....uncooked inside

nice to hear the neighbor passing by in the street
wish the mopeds would turn into horses.....

in the evening we watched El Abuelo (The Grandfather)
by Spanish director José Luis Garci
(love it! I must make a post about it)

this is the not so comfortable movie sofa
but it's ok for late siestas though

photos by your devoted blogging hostess and Monchéri

oh and the book is Garbo by Patrick Brion (éditions du Chêne, 1985)


Gillian said…
My goodness Lala, where do you find the time? Translating, card making, making pastries, entertaining Moncheri...the list is endless!!!
I cannot express to you how very excited I am to get this sneak peek at the cards!!! I am so very happy!!!!!!
(Our little retail boutique is shaping up nicely...this addition will be perfecto!!!)
Glad you enjoyed the film I shall have to look for it here.
Now take a break will you!!! Put your feet up with some tea.
tangobaby said…
How perfectly fun for a Sunday! It doesn't all seem like work. The nice thing about being a contractor is that you can have your Sunday on a Wednesday, too.

I loved the first photo of Garbo and John Gilbert together. They made quite a handsome couple, didn't they?

And your little cards are exquisite! I wish I had a store where I could sell your creations.

Bronwyn said…
So many great photo's, love the bougainvila flowers and the cards.
somepinkflowers said…
you know how
to ~~spend the day~~


{{ your Monchéri
with the dimple in his chin
looks fine
in his torn T~shirt to me;
i would NOT change a thing }}
willow said…
Garbo is so incredibly beautiful and mysterious. I never tire of seeing photos of her, either.

Love your cute little cards.

Your lovely cups of tea are making me crave a cup...
Christina said…
Those cards are gorgeous! Lala, I believe I could spend hours looking through that book.

: )
Stephanie said…
How I do enjoy spending the day with you....I feel like I was sitting under that beautiful bouganvilla too...
Jojo said…
Lala, It was so nice to feel as if we got to spend a little bit of time with you on Sunday by reading your post. Just to have some time to enjoy the morning without rushing is a blessing.
paris parfait said…
Like Gillian, I don't know how you manage everything. But you seem to manage quite beautifully, as evidenced by your photographs and text. And the pearls are a lovely addition to the gown! Gillian's spa clients are lucky to have the opportunity to purchase your cards. I'll be looking for similar ones in Paris before long. :) xoxox
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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