Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nigüelas or the enchanted village

6 o'clock in the afternoon is not an appropriate time to wander through the streets of an Andalusian village. It is still very hot. People are just getting up from their siesta and the very few which pass by me wonder why I take pictures of windows and shutters. surely another nutter of the tourist they seem to mumble. I stopped at the entrance of this little street as I heard some music playing. Until yesterday, Nigüelas held a classical music festival along with master classes. It was a joy to discover the young brilliant Korean violonist Hyojung Park and I love the idea of summer music festivals in little villages.

the open door was clearly an invitation to enter

I peeped inside only to catch a glance at
a peaceful and refreshing patio....

....and how lovely....

.....I could not help myself
I stole a photo of her
she just looked surprised and smiled
and resumed her practising....

the main plaza is deserted except for
some kids playing
the church will open its doors in 3 hour time
for the concert
.....the vine makes me think september will be here soon
and nearly everyone in the campo will be busy
making its own mosto, a traditional sweet wine...

...but for now the summer days are still long and sleepy...

....and tomorrow around the same time
life will resume peacefully in the enchanted village...

photos by your devoted blogging hostess


Rima said...

Hello and Hola and Bonjour!
Thank you for your visit to my blog and kind words. What lovely photos here, it is a little sunnier there than here in Scotland!
All bests to you

Gillian said...

Oh how beautiful.
Windows and shutters, what could make for a better photo?
I love these walks you take us on...

tangobaby said...

Hi lala,

Those white walls looks like a living dream.

That village looks perfect for wandering and taking photos, every time you post something. Thanks for sharing!


Bronwyn said...

This looks so wonderful, I've read a couple of books by people who have gone to live in Andalucia, I would really love to visit someday.

Elizabeth said...

This is a most beautiful village!
The cat in the posting below looks very comfortable.
Greetings from New York

willow said...

Your opening photo is truly enchanting!!! Wow! :)

Christina said...


These pictures are stunning! : )

somepinkflowers said...

maybe you are this--->surely another nutter of the tourist<----
i am glad for it.


the photo of the music practice
in the courtyard...

and so worthy of
your traipsing
around with your camera.

{{ i am glad she smiled and played on }}

Jojo said...

I feel as if I was able to take a summer trip to someplace that I have never visited. I could almost hear the music. Oh what fun to read along and travel with the photos. Thank you!!!

Something White said...

Great Andalusian pictures! Thanks for this nice virtual trip. Hope one day to visit this part of the country 'life'... :)

rochambeau said...

How lovely, how peaceful, how melodic your stroll!

My friend Leslie in California (who has been my friend since we were 5 yrs.) used your recipe your gazpacho and olive, ham, cheese bread!! Isn't that cool?


robinbird said...

this is such an exotic stroll for me. how wonderful to have come upon this cello princess! that in and of itself would have been delight enough for me but your descriptions of the village are very enchanting and make me want to wander off to another land in my thoughts.
thanks for visiting me!

paris parfait said...

Hola preciosa! I see these lovely shots and become very homesick for Andalucia! I think a trip is needed in the fall. First Barcelona (early Oct) and later, Andalucia. xoxox

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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