Ay Almodovar !

There are two Spanish men I'd love to meet and they're both movie directors. The first one is José Luis Garci (Ninette, You’re the one) to whom I nearly wrote a letter once just to tell him how much I adore his work and the second one is the cherished enfant terrible of Spanish cinema, Pedro Almodovar.

I started seeing his movies when I lived in Paris and fell in love with his world of characters bitten by passion and desire, the colourful scene of transvestites, the outburst of freedom and exuberance of the Spanish movida during the 80's.

Last night Monchéri and I watched La mala educacion (Bad education). Set in the 60's and the 80's, the story tells about the burgeoning love between two boys in a religious school being witnessed and repressed by the priest director. Eventually, the three characters will meet again when the boys are grownups. The movie, says Almodovar, is like a series of Russian dolls fitting into each other, multiple stories which in the end become one.

Before I moved to southern Spain, Almodovar’s characters seemed exaggerated and a bit caricatured to me but now and then some aspects of Spanish life and society remind me of scenes in his movies. Many times, I would giggle and tell myself : "gosh...incredible..it sounds just like an Almodovar's scene!".

A mis lectores de idioma español. Perdóname si no he escrito esta nota en castellano también puesto que es sobre vuestro querido director Pedro Almodóvar. No escribo el castellano muy bien. Para resumir, solo digo que desde que descubrí sus películas en Paris donde vivía antes, me enamoré del estilo y del mundo de Almodovar: un mundo donde pasión y deseo cohabitan, el mundo colorido y trágico a la vez de los transvestitos, la sensación de borrachera de la movida española en los 80. Ayer a noche, hemos visto La mala educación y otra vez me seduzco esa atmósfera típica de Almodóvar de mezcla de humor con cine negro.

the cine in the village where the 2 boys are
going to see a movie with Sara Montiel

Almodovar directing Gael Garcia Bernal

La mala educacion (bad education) 2004

with Gael Garcia Bernal and Fele Martinez


karina said…
I love Almodovar,too, But I have not seen that movie.
An a south American girl, I feel very related to her characters.
P said…
Gael Garcia Bernal is my fantasy boyfriend.
tangobaby said…
I have no good reason for why I have only seen one Almadovar movie in my life. You have inspired me yet again. Which one to watch first? I have Volver at home and have never seen it!

Mary-Laure said…
I haven't see that one but TODO SOBRE MI MADRE and VOLVER are 2 of my favorite films.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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