The lovely bazaar.....

Gym hold a lovely bazaar/fleamarket at her barn last weekend. What would you have picked?

colorful Morrocan carpets
the inside of a jaima (a Morrocan tent)
more carpets in various sizes

painted doors

a piano may be ?
I hesitated about this little round chair
how cool is the leopard stool !

photos by your devoted blogging hostess


Steph said…
One of the blue and white jars!
willow said…
I'll take that old lantern case in the last pic!
Lavinia said…
The leopard stool is very cool. I will also take the fat blue-and-white pottery vase on the end, and the door, and some of those colourful rugs.

I have made the blue and white photo my new desktop background! Thank you Lala.
willow said…
Hey! The black box dropped me here! ;^)
M.Kate said…
I'll take those blue pots please :D
kyh said…
Those jars and carpets are to die for! Oohlala...
Anonymous said…
Hola Lala, seems Karina and Lavinia have beaten me to the beautiful painted doors and willow the lantern case....well a gorgeous colourful rug will do very nicely as a wall hanging for me! There's always the pianist?
Hi sweeties,

you could have it all as prices were good...forgot to ask about the piano though.

Karina, you're not the only one who wants that door!

Steph, I understand you...i love them too

Willow, I nearly wanted it to buy the lantern and...oh gosh this black box is too much

Lavinia, you would have to fight for this leopard stool sweetie ! glad you're using one pic for your pc !

M.Kate, I knew you would pick one of those :-)

Kyh, eh aussi, yo tambien..como van las clases de español ?

Rob, there are still plenty of rugs! and..the pianist has gone..
Tartelette said…
The door and the chair!!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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