Miss Tangobaby, you're great !......

I can’t remember exactly when our paths crossed in blogland…Surely I was following a link and the name “Tangobaby” attracted me at once. I wanted to discover who was that girl blogging about tango – a dance I would love to learn – I was quite pleased to learn that she also took flamenco classes, thinking "ah...something we have in common!" (flamenco classes were my religion when I lived in Paris and guess what..I gave up the classes when I settled in Granada, go figure).

I started reading all her posts about flamenco, nodding and smiling as she would describe the complexity of the hands gestures and the zapateo (the tap dancing) and this beautiful feeling of strength and assurance.

Tangobaby has another passion : photography. From the moment, she created her photoblog, I got hooked. Also little by little, her blog became a daily read. She loves movies, she loves the city where she lives which is San Francisco, she loves books and a certain person she sweetly calls The Boy....She’s also passionate about the upcoming elections in her country and I totally agree with her virulent posts about Sarah Palin.

When one day, she happily announced that hooray, she had her photo book published soon – all about Chinatown in San Francisco -, I emailed her to preorder the book with, please a little written note, inside?

And her beautiful photo book came through the mail right from San Francisco to Granada. I was very touched, because not only did she include a lovely birthday card but she also meant that the book was actually a birthday present ! How sweet is that !!

I scanned the photo below to give you a taste of her book which you can order here

sorry, the scanning alters the quality of the image

I couldn’t help snapping one her beautiful dahlia's photos she posted for a happy week end post

Miss Tangobaby, you sure have great talent and we're all waiting for your next book !!!

ps : you can get some of her prints on her new photo website

All photos by Tangobaby


tangobaby said…
Oh Lala,

You have just thrilled me to no end...you are so sweet. My goodness, I feel like it's Valentine's Day!

Thank you for this wonderful post. I might print it out and carry it with me to brighten my days!

Relyn said…
Isn't Tangobaby wonderful? I am eagerly awaiting my book, too. Such a precious friend she is. Like you. Isn't this lovely little blog world wonderful?
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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