Blog Action Day : yes, I join in.....

-->Today is Blog Action Day to fight against poverty…

What does it mean ?

Thousands of bloggers will write a post related to poverty

What difference will it make to the present state of poverty in the world ?

I think we already know the answer: little steps, little actions, little streams of love, little words which hopefully will grow.

I’ll be sincere…perhaps one year before, I would haven’t joined in, thinking : oh well, others will participate for me. I have no time…I’ve got my own worries. What’s the need of being involved, it won’t change the face of the world in one day, anyway?

May be, having read Maryam's series of posts on Rwanda made me want to react.

May be my job #1 makes me more aware of poverty in the world. (since last summer I do regular translating for the World Bank about their Strategies for the reduction of poverty, mainly in Western African countries)

Certainly the thought of going to Madagascar in a more or less near future, made me ponder a bit more about the ever growing gap between rich and poor countries.

As you know, my parents are from Madagascar. They’ve got lucky. They were born on the lucky side and could get an education, then settled in France, where my sisters and I were born. I went to Madagascar for the first time at the age of 8 for a summer holiday. Until then, I didn’t know what poverty was.
Of course, I was shocked by the kids in rags, begging in the streets. But it’s mostly one little girl I remember who occasionally came to play with us at my uncle's house in Antananarivo. We were of the same age. I soon realized she sometimes had to skip school to help her mother out. It made me sad but then I resumed my quiet happy life in France and totally forgot about her. My parents took us for another journey there when I was 16 and I met the same little girl again. Except that she wasn't that little any more. She had to leave school and was now working selling fruit on the market. Her dream was to eventually get married to a “vasa” (a white foreign man) and escape from her life. Not that she was unhappy or extremely poor. She had food on her plate at least twice a day. But she dreamt of having a future. A better future. I sometimes take it for granted that I had a chance to get an education, to travel when I was 20 and study in the States. I grew more and more conscious about the need for education.
My mother is now commuting between France and Madagascar. She's going back on october 19th. We had a long chat on the phone, last sunday and I was slowly trying to convince her to actively participate to the building of schools in the countryside. It's not done yet but I’m still hoping !'re going to ask me: what did you today on that special Blog Action Day ?

I’ve been naughty and put aside my translation about the Democratic Republic of the Congo for a few hours.
This morning, I updated my etsy shop with the new Xmas cards. I guess the items will appear on the site tomorrow.

I decided to give $0,10 on each card sold to the Fistula Foundation. (you can read more about this foundation here). I heard about fistula for the first time on dear blogging pal P. and it broke my heart to learn that in some parts of the world, women endure suffering when giving birth because of a lack of health care facilities and medical equipment.

Oh I know…there are other zillions of things to take care in this world....

Oh I know….$0,10 per card is trifle….

It’s not much but it’s the least I can do.....with love and caring for women who were not born on the lucky side of the world.

Thank you for reading….


kouji | haiku said…
that's a great foundation. it's good of you to do that.

for my part, i turn to sites like freerice (rice donation), kiva (microfinance), and goodsearch (donation per search), as ways to help alleviate poverty online. i also put up their banners on my blog. :)

saw this post via the front page of blog action day. it's great that you're participating. :)
paris parfait said…
Hola preciosa! Just back from Barcelona - next time I hope to see you in Granada! Wonderful to see you participating in Blog Action Day, especially for a subject so important throughout the world. xo
Vanessa said…
Major kudos to you, Lala, for supporting this!

We have to have a chat about the DRC sometime. I really want to work there on gender-based violence.
tangobaby said…
Hi lala,

I guess I did not realize what Blog Action day was all about, but now I do and will make sure I feel I can participate next time, too.

You made me aware of the situation in Rwanda and I donated money because you brought Maryam's post to my attention. All these little things matter, so I thank you for helping me to be more aware.

Hi darling girl. I would really love to buy that peace card you made. a few actually. Would that be possible? Your work is beautiful.
corine said…
I want to buy cards. please tell me how to do that.

Also your banner is sooo cool. I usually read you via RSS feed so I never saw it :-)
Christina said…
Hi Lala,

Your words have inspired me to want to know about the world, to feel and see what is happening in the world which we all live.

You are beautiful!

So glad to visit on blog action day.
Dave King said…
I had never heard of fistula. I wonder what the link is between wealth and ignorance? Thanks for the post.
Vanessa said…
Lala, I'd like to echo what others have said. Where do we get to order those cards?
Kristen said…
what a wonderful post and great idea!! What a neat idea for your mother as well. I am inspired to do more, but today I have been on the computer all day listening to the debate, so I need to get some housework done. next time!
kendalee said…
Great post Lala! Raising awareness is an important contribution, as well as anything we can do financially, and EVERY bit helps. Indifference and inaction is a real crime in these situations, so I'm happy to support your cause. :o)
Bonbon Oiseau said…
so good of you---an excellent organization it looks like...
Gillian said…
I had no idea. I am blown away. I will go back and read more later but right now I am in shock. Sad isn't it? Education and healthcare, two basic things in life (we think) that are taken such for granted by us. I am saddened at the plight these women with fistula endure. How preventable too, isn't it?
Schools for impoverished areas...what a great idea. Lala you are an angel!!! Thanks for enlightening me with this post.
(sorry I'm behind on blogs...I hope you don't mind but, I'm hoping to blog your cards? Let me know, thanks love. xo)
Relyn said…
I'm reading this late and I am thinking this,

"Not so little thing is it my friend?" Look at this response. Just a few words typed into the ether and you're already making a difference. Powerful what compassion and words will do. I guess I have a year to think about my post for next year.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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