The shepherd

I like shepherds. I often wonder which thoughts go into their mind.

Do they find the day too long ? Are they lonely ?

I like seeing them guiding their goats on a narrow path in the sierra. They usually take them on the hills where thyme grows naturally. And there's a wonderful smell of fresh aromatic herbs in the air, once they're gone.

I wish you a happy peaceful week end

I feel romantic today thinking of Monchéri who's away for a couple of weeks.

I leave you with a few lines from a poem by Miguel Hernandez which he made me discover recently.

Born to a poor family in 1910, Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez spent his childhood as a shepherd and published his first poetry book at age of 23.

These lines are from a poem called La boca (the mouth)

He de volverte a besar,
he de volver, hundo, caigo,
mientras descienden los siglos
hacia los hondos barrancos
como una febril nevada
de besos y enamorados.

I have to return to kiss you,
I have to return. I sink: I fall,
descending among the centuries,
towards the deep ravines,
like a feverish snowfall
of kisses and lovers.
(translation by A.S. Kline)

And lots of kisses to you !


onesilentwinter said…
so beautiful!

I also noticed your new header-wonderful and amusing!
Vanessa said…
And kisses back! A lovely poem. I, too, am missing someone, as Der Liebling has gone off to Cairo.
l'air du temps said…
beautiful. what a lovely post. thoughts of love and longing...

good question, regarding sheperds, i think i have always been struck by the idea that they seem like kind persons, gentle and caring towards the animals...

have a beautiful weekend as well...
Simonetta said…
que alegria,Lala,recibir tu visita!
(compreendes portugues?)
si, esa linda mujer me pasa toda la fuerza de lo verdaderamente feminino.estoy empezando un trabajo de teatro inspirado en Clarissa Pinkola Estées, la conocés?
ayer supo que the sheperds are closely conected with human life and the developing of new cities in times before Christ.
que lio hice con español e ingles.
me encanto el poema y tu sensibilidad,
te deseo una semana linda
y que vengas visitarme siempre
Anairam said…
I love your new header - where is it from? Have a lovely weekend ...
kendalee said…
Beautiful poem, thank you for sharing it.

Happy, peaceful weekend to you too!
willow said…
There is something peaceful and kind about shepherds. I don't know if all of them are, but that is how I like to think of them. Wonderful picture!

Oh! I remember this last supper picture and it's so fun to see it large as your new header!!!
tangobaby said…
We are here to keep you company (my Boy is away too, so I understand). But Moncheri is very beautiful so we don't blame you for feeling romantic.

I feel sad to say that I've never seen a shepherd. I need to travel more. Maybe I am too much a city girl.

And your new header is wonderful! Please tell us more about it!
Anairam said…
Oh, I still meant to answer your question - I do proofreading (lots), editing (less) but avoid translation work, although I have on occasion done some (English/Afrikaans) for one publisher who was desperate. I think translating is a skill, and it takes me much too long - I pore over each sentence, mull about it for ages, rewrite it several times; I go at a snail's pace, so it really isn't worth it!
I totally love your new header! Blimey! I was completely speechless when your blog page opened up on my computer. Excellent composition and attention to detail. Just yesterday I was reading about a 'tableaux vivants', the art form that some photographers and artists used to use in the 19th century to depict classic representations from the Greek and Roman eras.

And it's relevant to your post about shepherds, too. Like fishermen, they commune with nature in silence, in my humble opinion.

Greetings from London.
Oh, by the way, love the poem, too.

Greetings from London.
Christina said…
Lala, this poem is beautiful! I vow to read more of Miguel Hernandez.

This is a beautiful photo, my friend.
Lavinia said…
THis is a really beautiful poem. It conjures interesting images in the mind, like feverish which is hot, with snowfall which is cold. I like!

Lala I am catching up here and find you in a romantic mood for your absent amour....but fear not he will be home soon, I think he is probably missing you as much as you are missing him! (if not more!)
ryan manning said…
ultimately life-affirming
Anonymous said…
I like your new banner. Very nice! Also very nice photo of the shepherd. That's a special job to have. I liked the poem you shared with us. Thanks! May the days go by quickly for your sweetheart to return to you.

Beautiful post - love the poem...
Shepherds are so unique - it takes a lot of courage, I believe, to spend all that time alone with only animals for company and remain sane..:)
Relyn said…
Oh, what a poem. I have to go now and find more Miguel Hernandez poetry.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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