Xxxxxxmas cards : where is the spirit gone

I think I lost the Xmas spirit. My dear friend Yoli is going to show these cards to some shops in the south of France and I can already hear the people saying : wait...where are the jingle bells, the sparkle, the merriment ? Sorry but this is not sellable...

what can I say....we all know times are changing. Anxiety is everywhere.

The one thing I desire most for the new coming years is peace in the world...something so incredibly impossible to obtain

then in my naive dreams, I would love a more equal share of the riches in the world. And aren't you just fed up that year after year, so much money is spent on weapons. Aren't you just fed up that year after year hunger is still existing....easy to say, I know...
but if I could just pass the message through my cards then I'll be so happy.....after all, the Xmas spirit is all about sharing isn't it ?

on a lighter note, dear blogging friend Willow is having a cyber-dance party today. Go and pay her visit ! I still have to adorn my little black dress....

photos by your devoted blogging hostess


As an American disgusted with the current US government, this post has really hit home.


On the lighter note...I'm at the ball at Willow Manor. Champagne?
Your post said so much!!! Each day, I feel as if we are on our way to the second Great Depression.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!


Peace is a much better sentiment than manic and artificial happiness. Those are really beautiful cards.
Gabbi said…
Christmas was a surprise :) but I agree with your views on the world dear Spain, It really is in a bad state...
Edi Style said…
You look darling in your black dress!
Elizabeth said…
These are really lovely!
I agree with high desert diva.
What we need is PEACE and goodwill.
Greetings from NY
kendalee said…
Beautiful cards - profound thoughts. Good combo!
I beg to differ, I think that you will always have a market for alternative Xmas cards. Admittedly, it will be smaller, but you will have customers. Your cards look lovely and although they are not emblazoned with the red and white Coca Cola theme, I know that if I lived anywhere near you, I'd be buying them.

Greetings from London.
tangobaby said…
Dear Lala,

I read this post after the one about Rwanda, so I am coming at this all backwards.

Don't lose your hope and sparkle. Those dreams of yours are so important and touch many many people. And yes, those who encounter your art receive your gift of love and peace as well.

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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