One year of Andalusia with you......Happy New Year !

Mis queridos, my lovelies, the countdown will start in a few hours here...I still don't know what to wear to welcome the New tell the truth I don't know whether I really want to go to this party and celebrate or just cuddle in bed with Monchéri.

What I do know is that there was no way i would vanish without sending you, you and you, all of YOU, my best and warmest wishes for a HAPPY and BETTER New Year in spite of the alarming news. Let's all hope 2009 will be less bellicose and more luminous. In my eyes, we've already seen a ray of light with the election of Obama, let's pray we're heading towards a better world....

More than ever, I feel like declaiming one of the very few poems I know by fact the only my favorite e.e. cummings:

Dive for dreams

or a slogan may topple you

(trees are their roots
and wind is wind)

Trust your heart

if the seas catch fire

(and live love
though the stars walk backwards)

Honour the past

but welcome the future

(and dance your death
away at the wedding)

Never mind a world

with its villains or heroes

(for God likes girls
and tomorrow and the earth)

and also I want to thank you for having shared one year of Andalusia with me ! So here's for you, my dear readers, a review of my fave pics of my little corner of the world....

a gaudi-esque beauty at El Corte Inglès

pomegranates, the emblem of Granada

my beloved Alhambra Moorish palace

fresh orange juice from the oranges in our sweet Lecrin valley

one of my favorite trendy cafés in Granada, MomentO2

the charming old little shops in Granada

my little neighbor round the corner

doggie having fun in Mirador San Nicolas in Granada

the traditional black clothes during Semana Santa in Granada

me too, I want to wear a lace mantilla

ok i'm not a fetichist but you have to admit, they are darn sexy !

batucada in Granada, on solidarity day

Nazari feast in Salobreña on the coast

one of the numerous houses decorated with plates in Salobreña

sardinas on the beach

no comment...(i'm just salivating in front of my screen)

the Moorish castle in Salobreña

the house I would love to buy in Granada (sorry you're just looking at the wall) - quite impossible at the moment because no money -

the incredible 1000 plates house in el barrio Sacromonte in Granada

Patti Smith giving an intimate concert at Federico Garcia Lorca's former summer house, in Granada
the flamenco festival in Restabal, one of the nearby villages in the valley. The pics were taken by my friend Tim. He also took the pic of my banner.

feria time.....and time to choose a dress

and a caballero
isn't he cute ?
cool concertist in Granada
Young men like to play the guitar in Granada

and practise in Mirador de San Nicolas, facing the Alhambra

one of my hobby jobs is baking cakes for a restaurant and cooking.....

.....with Monchéri....
......for the coolest music producer in the world, Youth. (on my right, -last summer south African rock star Arno Carstens - on my left - came to record his new album, a super cool and very kind guy)

chilling out on my friend Gym's roof terrace, under the Morroccan tent

a graceful street dancer in Granada
the shepherd and his goats

me dancing flamenco in Paris, a few years ago.....this year i must persevere !

and for me...the best of all is Monchéri !! especially when he helps me baking. Tim took this pic 3 years ago and unfortunately Monchéri cut his hair. Never mind, he still looks romantic....

My lovelies, Happy New Year to you all !!
Peace and love in your heart


Gabbi said…
Incredible photographs, thank you for sharing...hope you found the perfect thing to wear, and Happy New Year to you also! :)
tangobaby said…
Perhaps this year Moncheri will grow his hair out for you (and us). I love your year's recap and it's all I can do not to buy a one-way plane ticket to Granada right now.

You and I need to put on our dancing shoes in 2009! Ole!

Happy Happy New Year, dear Lala. I love to be the first one here to wish you joy for 2009.
Elizabeth said…
Happy Happy New Year, dear Lala!
Perhap this is the year Robert and I come to visit your beautiful Andalusia.
Such enticing pictures.
Love all best wishes!
Cynthia said…
What a beautiful tour of your corner of the world, highlighted by that beautiful line in the eecummings' poem, "Dive for dreams...Trust your heart..."

Your Moncheri is quite handsome in long or shorter hair. What could be more romantic than a man who is comfortable in the kitchen?
And, what a life artist you are, Lala. I wish that you and your readers have a stunningly satisfying year ahead.
paris parfait said…
Love the poem, the photos and your blog! Hope we get to meet in person in 2009 - Granada or Paris or both! Happy, happy new year to you and your love, with many wishes for joy and wonderful opportunities! xoxox
Dakota Bear said…
Wonderful photos.

Happiest if New Years to you and yours.
Beautiful photographs! I am so happy to be planning my first ever trip to Spain next year.

I share your sentiments about President-elect Obama. I am part of the victorious tide that volunteered and voted for Obama. We are looking forward to CELEBRATING on Jan 20th and intend to hold him to his good intentions!
Thank you for showing us your Andulsia and your wishes for the new year.

Dive for dreams...

I love that line...

Happy New Year!
Kasey said…
I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and have enjoyed it greatly. I've been to Granada twice (spent 6 weeks there the first time) and it's my favorite place in the whole world. Thanks for the great pics and Happy New Year!
P said…
Happy New Year to you and Moncheri! May 2009 be the best year yet. Much love, P.
Yoli said…
Felicidades guapa!!! What a feast all those pictures are, the Moorish castle in Salobreña took my breath away! I have a soft spot for Castles.

Moncheri is very handsome! Go enjoy youself! Put on something red!
Gillian said…
What an absolute treat this was~a perfect way for me to end 2008.
My daughter and I came downstairs for some blue nailpolish, she wants her three year old toes done...and so we started looking at your site.
"click on Lala!!" she keeps saying. So we look at your photos. Over and over. "Lala!!" she yells.
She is enamoured. Especially with you dancing flamenco. So you have a young fan over here!!!
Happy New Year to you and Moncheri, may 2009 be the most colourful Andalusian year you've ever had.
Gillian and Bronwyn
Mariamellie said…
Dear Lala,

Happy New Year for you too! Wish you and your Moncheri, and your Granada another Shinning Year ahead. Thanks for being so inspiring!

I need to thank you specially for your sweet blog and lovely writings of your beautiful thoughts and creativity which have reminded me of the inner Me and helped me re-discover my passions. Muchas gracias!

warmest greetings,


(oh, thanks for stopping by to my newly born blog, it is still discovering its core)
Sara said…
A beautiful retrospective in photos of your 2008 - thanks Lala.

I love that e.e. cummings poem!

Maybe Moncheri will let his hair grow in 2009 (long hair on men is so sexy; I've always thought so!) but you are right, he's romantic as he is too. You are a lucky woman.

Happy New Year to you and blessings for the year ahead.

Relyn said…
Oh, Lala. I have loved spending this year with you. As it has unfolded and in review today. You have given me the gift of travel and gracious living. You have reminded me to savor what I can create with my own hands. You have given me friendship and beauty. For all that, I thank you.

Happy new year, dear friend. May it be blessed.
kyh said…
Those are wonderful recaps! I love all your pics that you make me wanna fly to Andalucia right now!

Feliz año nuevo! I wish you a colourful and happy year ahead! :)
Ruth said…
Thank you for showing all of that. It's so rich and wonderful.

Enjoy the year with your cheri!
Claire said…
your life speaks of love lala...
enar arshad said…
the photos are beautiful.wish i can afford to go to andalusia..maybe someday...
Helena said…
Your photos are amazingly beautiful and don't really need words. It feels like I've just being on a trip to Granada!

I wish you and your Moncheri a very Happy New Year!
sealaura said…
bonne année! ton cheri et ta vie me seble magnifique! I hope 2009 brings you much joy and happiness. I love reading about your part of the world and look forward to more in the upcoming year.
Lavinia said…
Happy New YEar, Lala, to you and Moncheri, I hope you have a fantastic 2009! May it bring you health, happiness, joy, more business success, prosperity, and more adventures and good times in Spain your beautiful country. Looking forward to more amazing photos of your amazing life, in the new year. Best Wishes!
Niki said…
Thanks for sharing your memories - they're beautiful!
Niki said…
Thanks for sharing your memories - they're beautiful!
kendalee said…
A beautiful tribute to a year. May 2009 bring you everything your heart desires and more Lala! much love, k xx
Linda Sue said…
Lala- MUST have a little blue and frock like that sweet one you are wearing- I think that is you- Adorable, and the polkadots-more Adorable...What a lovely grouping of gorgeous shots. The poem resonates with my heart right now as well, thank you Lala- beautiful! Have a wonderful new year...forever...
willow said…
Oh, you've posted some of my favorite pictures from your blog this year, Lala! Thank you! I have so enjoyed your creativity and loveliness.

I raise my cup of kindness to you, dear bloggy friend. Happy New Year.
Love your stories and photos ... Gym's roof terrace, flamenco dancers and your village are incredible. It's so cool to learn more about your place, passions and life through your eyes. It's inspiring! All the best for you and loved ones!
I wish you a truly Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true!
I wish you a truly Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true!
Nixa said…
The photographs were so full of life, I felt like I had actually met you for a moment. Perhaps in passing on the street, you know when you randomly meet someone and you instantly get a sense of how they are! :) All the best in 2009!
Diane said…
Oh my what a lovely post... I want to be there.
l'air du temps said…
happy new year to you! sharing your photos is a lovely walk down memory lane as i remember many of the occasions you so graciously shared with us...

enjoy sweet days in 2009...
Scarlet said…
What an amazing assortment of photos from your beautiful life in Spain. You make me want to cross the ocean to listen to guitar music in Granada (while eating paella in one of those wonderful restaurants).

I love your flamenco picture! Happy New Year...and keep dancing! ;)
Happy New Year, too (belatedly)

Greetings from London.
It is so nice to begin the new year by looking at all of your fabulous photos of Spain. It brings back so many dancing memories for me. Have a beautiful and inspiring 2009! Thank you for your visits and your sweet comments always make me smile.
Carla said…
Thanks for all those beautiful moments. I would love to live your life, who wouldn;'t want a castle in spain. Have a wonderful 2009 Carla
Indyeah said…
Happy New Year!keep living the beautiful moments....:)have a wonderful,wonderful year..
Stephanie said…
Thank you for the year in photos...lovely!

Happy New Year! AND I am taking flamenco classes beginning this week...yay!
Kim said…
Your little piece of heaven is amazing. Why you would ever want to leave.....
Happy new year and thank you for brightening up our world with yours.
S3od said…
HAPPY new YEAR! and u have an awsomeness Blog! Keep it up :D
Feliz año nuevo 2009
Anonymous said…
I've read through your blog and I don't think calling this a "blog" does it justice. To me "My Castle in Spain" is more like a meditation. I'm very impressed by the thoughtful detail that you put into "My Castle in Spain." And I'm looking forward to seeing your posts in 2009.
please sir said…
Happy New year! I love the images and the flamenco dancers!
ResidentExpat said…
Great photos Lala. Hope 2009 is a great year for you!
Annaimports said…
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kyh said…
Hi Lala,

You're welcome for the wishes. It's my pleasure. :)

BTW, the blog you've been to is my old one, which I've kept for monetary purposes. I've since moved to :)
Anairam said…
I hope you have an incredibly wonderful and magical 2009, Lala! Lovely photos, and what a surprise to see our own Arno - on your couch!
Nita said…
Lovely photos, lovely way of life! Congratulations - i really appreciate your blog - and happy new year!
Mélanie said…
Thank you for sharing your granada all a the year !
a mon tour je viens te souhaiter mes meilleurs voeux:
Bonne année 2009 , chère Lala , que l'année soit douce et pleines de surprises !
dutchbaby said…
Since I only recently found you, I appreciate how you presented your favorite photographs. Such a rich and wondrous collection!

Happy New Year, Lala!
Lynne said…
and thank you for sharing! blessings for the coming year!
Christina said…
This is beautiful, Lala. : )

I love all of your pictures. It is a true way of staying close to you, even though we are far apart.

Happy New Year, sweetie.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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