Friday, May 30, 2008

My friend Pilar

today, I'm very pleased to introduce you to
my friend Pilar. She lives in one the neighboring villages
and makes beautiful ceramic objects for the house

these are my own little pots which I use for spices,
cups and milk jug and a beautiful white big bowl

a few months ago, Pilar went to Barcelona to
take some classes about glass-blowing
and she now designs jewelry

I am the proud owner of these
very pretty necklaces

here she is selling her line at a recent medieval
market in Granada. Hopefully we'll do a summer market
together. We both went to London a few years ago
to sell our design, her ceramics and my handbags.
Boy...we had some fun!

Pilar! come on....get your website done!!


photos by your devoted blogging hostess

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The gypsy Barrio Sacromonte in Granada

Sacromonte........I love this word
because it sounds so exotic to my ears

it is the name of the former gypsy district in Granada

in medieval times, gypsies settled in this part of Granada
facing the Alhambra. Their traditional white cave-dwellings
are now mostly inhabited by foreigners.

still some houses seem to be abandoned

Monchéri and I kept sighing
Ah... if we had the money...surely we would come and live here

you are inside the city and yet it feels
like being in the countryside

and what's more you face the Alhambra...

we soon discovered a nice little café

called los Faroles

the owner invited us to visit inside charming and pittoresque

please Monchéri....sit there
your red jacket is perfect in the decor

the owner's grandmother portrait is hanged on the wall

I fell in love with the green tiles in the kitchen

I thought the owner was equally cute

and delightfully laid back

we sipped our vino tinto watching ominous clouds
progressing towards the Alhambra

mmm......this was last sunday
today is wednesday and the clouds are still here

but never mind....mañana is another day!!

I forgot to tell you....there are lots of tablaos, places where
you can listen to flamenco (more or less authentic)
in the Barrio Sacromonte but it will have to be another post......

photos by your devoted blogging hostess

Monday, May 26, 2008

Cuesta de la Valdesa ....or a saturday routine

each saturday takes me to Cuesta de la Valdesa
outside my village, to deliver a cake
to a restaurant called El Chambao de Vizco

everytime I pass by I marvel at this terrace
and its bright red and pink flowers

I only wish I had a green thumb but alas.....

it just needs a little bit of patience and love
to watch vine growing and flowers graciously falling
down an immaculate wall

and sunshine....naturally....

.....and the red wheel of good fortune

the fountain is my last stop
before arriving to El Chambao de Vizco

Rocio the chef is busy cooking
so we'll meet her another time....promised!

Have a lovely monday!!

edit to post
: with much reason Mélanie from Le petit cabinet de curiosités asked me : and where's that cake ?? So here it is .....It's orange because it's made with oranges.
It looks definitely like a tortilla because there are eggs in it but no flour....Interesting isn't it ?

et voilà... the almond and orange cake
and you can find the recipe here in a former post

So...Have a lovely sweet monday !!

photos by your devoted blogging hostess

Friday, May 23, 2008

A romantic hideaway in the Lecrin valley

I always feel so blessed when my friends
invite me for lunch especially if it's a promise
of joy and relaxation in beautiful and peaceful surroundings

Do you remember my friend Gym?
Apart from her studio and her antiques shop
Gym made herself a lovely little hide-away
in the countryside, what we call here a cortijo

and she loves organizing little friendly lunches
and of course I'll never miss one....

once arrived, you can't be mistaken
yes, this is Gym's door

simplicity at its best

I can't wait for the day when we'll make use
of the big paella frying pan

for the moment, let's keep it simple
grilled green peppers will do

come on everybody
lunch is ready

have a little bit of everything

prawns, olives, potato salad

tomato salad with anchovies

mint tea anyone, with a piece of carrot cake ?

mmm.....yes please !

it is so simple at times to see la vie en rose

you just need a room of your own

a room with a view

Gym decorated her bedroom cum sitting room
in natural tones

I like how she placed the sunburst mirrors

The bright embroidered fabric was found in
Portobello for 100€

indoors, outdoors
so nice to be so close to nature

photos by your devoted blogging hostess
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