Gar Anat hotel in Granada

As promised and late as usual, here is a small recap of our enchanting one night stay at Gar Anat hotel in Granada. This charming hotel situated in the Realejo is the little brother of El Ladron de Agua. We usually spend the night of the Reyes at El Ladron de Agua which gave us a wonderful new year's gift by offering us one night at Gar Anat. We were all the more so pleased as frankly we were about to skip our Reyes night ritual in Granada this year.

So I'm very happy to take you with me....Please follow the virtual guide alias Monchéri and welcome to Gar Anat hotel !

Gar Anat means "colony of pilgrims". It's just opened a few months ago on placeta de Peregrinos.

once you check at the reception, a glass door lets you enter into a traditional Andalusian luminous patio with columns and fountain

white is the predominant color and the transparent curtains give a feeling of intimacy

the patio is covered with a simple velum

a metallic tree baptised "el arbol de los deseos" (the wish tree) has been transformed into a very minimalist Christmas tree

the entrance of the library is hidden by white curtains

I love libraries in hotels. For me, it's the little plus which makes you feel comfortable

and now is the time to get on the first floor

and enter the Serena suite

Cuban-born Andalusian painter Pedro Garciarias created two paintings inspired from the verses of Spanish poetess Elena Martin Vivaldi which can be read on the wall

the bathroom is just....great...simple, practical but the hydrojet bath is simply great !

and look...our guide here will won't say to the contrary !

besides the usual basket filled with zillions of body care products, we really appreciated the slippers wrapped in recycled paper and the little bottle of Scottish Hendrick's gin....

the nightcap and the colorful sky above us made us sleep tightly

in the morning, as we opened our door, we discovered los Reyes had left us two more chocolate gifts wrapped in a colorful paper. So sweet !

then we made our way to the dining room to have a solid breakfast of jamon serrano and cheese, fresh orange juice, melon, torrijas (which is the same as pain perdu), tea, coffee and of course the traditional Rosco de Reyes

oh....we were a bit sad to leave our yellow room. We loved it so !

solo vibra el color......only the color vibes

if you happen to be in Spain in january and particularly in Granada, the hotel has some very special prices at this time of the year. I know...the post-Christmas period is always difficult. Here we call it la cuesta de enero (uphill january)

I have a special question to my Spanish-speaking blogging friends. I didn't dare translate the lines above of Elena Martin Vivaldi because I'm not that good at translating Spanish-English. So if anyone has a suggestion, I would be very grateful !

the verses are as follows :

Gozo de la nostalgia y el nacer de un otoño
Amarillo triunfante....
Sólo vibra el color
La musica callada

Have a great week end !!

pics by me
except photos # 11,12,13,17 from the hotel website

Gar Anat hotel
tel : 00 34 958 22 55 28
Placeta de los Peregrinos,1
18009 Granada


I enjoyed the tour, although had to avert my gaze when 'you cheri' was in the bathtub (that was almost X-rated :-D). I love Granada and this summer we'll be (hopefully) driving from northern to southern Spain to get together with one of my brothers-in-law, his partner and their daughter.

Have a nice weekend, you too.

Greetings from London.
Edi Style said…
I will come this year! I have missed you so much and will again and again-dont forget me :-)

Yoli said…
Lala que belleza de hotel! Mujer quien no se pone romantica en ese ambiente!
Yoli said…
Gozo de la nostalgia y el nacer de un otoño

Amarillo triunfante....

Sólo vibra el color

La musica callada

Lala this is the best I can do:

My joy at the noslagia of a triumphant yellow autumn
Only the color shines
in its quiet music.
Estela said…
Beautiful! Above all the patio and the library, simple but gorgeous.

Perfect translation, I wouldn't have done it better.

BYe BYe!
Susana said…
Lala girl! Gracias mil por dejar tu mensaje en mi blog y por el maravilloso reportaje sobre vuestra romántica estancia en tan fantástico hotel.

Glad you like the blog. Antes tenía dos blogs pero los he juntado a los dos en uno... it is easier this way! You should go to Asia, it is a beautiful place. I lived 1 year in Beijing, 9 in Taipei and 4 in Kuala Lumpur. I met Sebastian, my husband, in KL while we both worked there. Now we´re in Spain working from home on a number of projects. We love our village, and now as you have seen, we´re covered in snow!

Thanks for your lovely messages.

Ruth said…
Wow, what a place. Looks a bit VAST.
I absolutely love this hotel! So nice to step out of the ancient streets and into the modern world sometimes. Looks like you had a terrific trip. I'd like to have that breakfast right now - really miss the taste of jamon serrano - so exceptional!
Cynthia said…
Beautiful moments captured in crisp color and quiet white. Lovely, Lala Ema, simply uplifting.
David Engel said…
And it appears a beautiful time was had by all! And why not? Glad you had fun.
a little bird said…
Just found your blog through a bird in hand. I love Granada, lived in Spain for a year (but in the North)... and I also love that yellow room!!

cool blog, just thought I would say hello. you will see more of me! :)
Helena said…
I looks absolutely amazing! If I ever go back to Granada that's where I'll be staying.
Gabbi said…
You and your Monchéri are so cute :) Thank you for sharing your holiday dear Lala...
Staci said…
Spain is a place that I long to visit. This hotel is simply charming!! I have to mark this down in my diary for future reference. Maybe when my hubby and I are retired we'll make it there!!
dutchbaby said…
You and your cheri are very good guides. The hotel is fortunate to have such great ambassadors!
ARJUN MS said…
thats was great ......
i liked the overall atmosphere.
Couture Carrie said…
What gorgeous spaces and lovely photos!

Blondie said…
I love you photographs! Lisa from Milwaukie, Oregon, USA
Kim said…
You and Moncheri have way too much fun. Have followed your story and am glad that someone as beautiful inside and out as you has so much joy in their life. Again, thanks for sharing.
Just the aesthetic I love in a hotel. Serene and rich in the details!
The "Christmas tree". Pure fantasy!
Anairam said…
It sounds like a wonderfully luxurious treat! I particularly liked the idea of the library and that bath! AH, reading books in the bath - that takes me back to my youth. These days I just shower. Quickly.
paris parfait said…
Looks like a very fabulous place! A good place to start off the new year. Thanks for the tip!
Christina said…
This is lovely! You and Cheri must have had such a wonderful time. : )
Frieda Babbley said…
What a gorgeous place. What gorgeous architecture. I've always been fascinated by doors. To me they say so much. In fact, just yesterday my sister and I were driving down a street with doors of all different colors, and I found myself asking her, "For those who chose the color and door of their home, why is it that they chose what they chose? Why chose a door that doesn't match your house. What does that color represent to them. Where did they get their doors..." I think she thought I was rather strange, but then, she always does.
Relyn said…
Oh. You make me dream... If you ever find yourself in Spain in January... I am dreaming again.
Simonetta said…
Lala, que lindo! lindo demais!
o hotel parece locação de um conto de fadas contemporaneo!
você merece tudo de bom!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Joyful said…
The hotel looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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